What Bisexuality Is Not

I'm not entirely sure how to start this topic so I'll just say flat out: I'm a bisexual woman. For me this means I enjoy emotional and physical relationships with men and women alike. Let me tell you what, for me, this doesn't mean:It does not mean I'm confused about my sexuality.It does not mean I like 'playing gay' to turn men on.It does not mean I'm promiscuous.It does not mean I haven't found the right man or woman to turn me definitively one way or the other....more
 @scooterbus you made this worthwhile for me. thank you so much for sharing and many well wishes ... more

How Dr. Seuss Got Inside Your iPad: Michel Kripalani of Oceanhouse Media

I discovered the Dr. Seuss OmBooks apps earlier this year, while looking for ways my son Leo's iPad could support his emerging reading skills. Leo and I were both blown away by how beautifully Oceanhouse Media's apps retain Dr. Seuss's classic look and feel, while making his beloved stories accessible for readers of all levels....more
awesome article!! we have almost all the Seuss books from Oceanhouse Media on our iPhones and ... more

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the MAN CAVE aka my hubby's work & play room aka the basement!! oh my goodness, very simply it ... more