Restaurant Week: Pure Food and Wine

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Restaurant Week on JL goes Vegan!  (Yes, I’m thrilled to have delicious, vegan Caribbean food so close to home!)...more

I LOVE Pure restaurant- I wish it was available everywhere. Her cookbook makes it easier to go ... more

I'm such a sucker for packaging

I'm such a sucker for packaging...more

I saw JR Watkins line at a products expo last month and swooned- their entire line looks so ... more

BlogHer Food '11 Roommate(s) Needed

Need a roommate for BlogHer Food '11? Need two? Post here and get to know your fellow bloggers!

Top 8 Most-Used Kitchen Items. Or, the Last Items in the Moving Box.

There have been a few travelin' posts up in my social medias lately. These correspond with work trips to Washington, DC, Boston, and a move between apartments taking place this week. During a moment of frazzled procrastination, I hovered over the last open box of kitchen items, to be shut the morning of moving day, and observed. ...more

I completely forgot about coffee! That's almost like forgetting to put my pants on in the morning. more

Aebelskiver Renaissance: Have You Made These Puffy Breakfast Treats?

I went to college in Wisconsin, surrounded by kids of Scandinavian descent, hence how I fell in love with the aebelskiver. It's a puffed-up, filled pancake, made in a special 7-slot pan. You could spend a small fortune at Williams-Sonoma (the epicenter of the recent aebelskiver renaissance) -- almost $40 for a pan! $13 bucks for special turning tools? $10 for mix? $63 and you haven't even started talking about fillings. Or you could do what we did. ...more

Someone is giving her never-used Ebelskiver pan to me, I can't wait to try this recipe out. ... more

Homemade Preserved Lemons.

Last weekend, we spent a weekend out of the city in Ojai, California.  I came back with a bag full of Eureka lemons picked off of the trees at the place we stayed. That's why I can call these homemade lemons.  My cousin-in-law made them, or, allowed them to flourish, anyway. ...more

There's so much salt and acid in the jars that I am not planning to refrigerate until I open ... more

My Love Affair With Pork: The Purple Pig, Chicago

I don’t know much about the history and accolades of The Purple Pig, but what I can tell you about are particular luxurious details of my experience sitting at the bar there last week.    I'll keep this brief: Business trip to Chicago. 24 hours. One meal out. One recommendation from a local....more

Thanks! It's never on menus so I went crazy. more

Do We Still Need PBS?

In fact, New Hampshire and Virginia and other states are in the process of dismantling their public television systems. Idaho is in the discussion process with the governor actively wanting to shut it down. On the federal level are two proposed bills to eliminate funding for National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It comes down to money, politics and resources. ...more

I feel:
A) the lack of diversity you mention in public broadcasting. The "infomercial for high ... more