Do You Know What Today Is?

  I have had the Tony Toni Tone song Anniversary in my head for about two weeks now...because today is my Blogiversary.  Just one year ago, I had no idea how much opening up my kitchen to the whole world would change my life....more

Honey Mint Fruit Salad

  One of the many great parts of summer is fresh fruit.  It is such a treat to go to farmer's markets...more

Millet and Wheat Soda Bread

This recipe was one of those very pleasant products of a pretty eccentric experimentation.  I bought molasses a few weeks ago for the recipe swap Molasses Date Muffins.  Molasses is not a usual suspect in my pantry.  In fact, it feels quite foreign.  So the other morning, I was trying to figure out what else to make with it.  I also recently bought two gigantic bags of flour for the yard sale muffins.  ...more
Thank you! I put slices of it in my freezer, so I am still eating it!more

Fresh Fava Bean Puree

    I have literally been thinking ab...more

Cinnamon Stick Skewered Chicken

 Holy Toledo...or in this case, holy Cincinnati Enquirer.  For at least two years now, my kitchen has been decorated with this recipe clipping sent from my mom.  I have intended to make these interesting skewers for years...and to no avail.  T...more

Almond Poppy Seed Bread with Lemon Curd Filling

  I am excited for this post because it is the Recipe Swap through ...more

Thank you...Lemon curd makes everything better!more

Rapini and Creamy Parmesan Fusilli

Well sometimes you have to look life in the eye and say 'Why Not?'  A made T-shirts for S and me and herself in college.  They all had personal sayings on them that represented each of us.&...more

Kale Tacos

    Despite the cloudy weather predictions, last night was a beautifully sunny evening.&n...more

Two Bean Salad

  It is slightly embarrassi...more

Fig and Nut Chocolate Bark

My stomach growled through two layers of jackets, as my eyes slowly moved to my bus seat companion today, which happened to be a box of rubber food models.  It is pretty desperate hunger when rubber peas and fake pepperoni pizza make me hungry.  I was excitedly re-routing said box from an office downtown to my office.  You know you are a nutritionist when rubber replicas of chicken breast, applesauce and steak get your heart skipping a beat....more