How It's Getting Even Easier to Listen to Your Mother

Ann Imig is a very funny force of nature, the blogger behind Ann's Rants and the founder of Listen to Your Mother, the spoken-word show that has taken the U.S. by storm and inspired Ann's latest project, her book: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We're Saying Now, which will be published by G.P. Putnam's Sons on April 7, 2015....more
I was so proud to do that BlogHer Room of Your Own panel with you Ann. Was it really five years ... more

To The Media Covering Newtown

Dear Members of the Media, By now you’ve probably heard the small wave of outrage that is condemning you for interviewing the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School. You already know that furious parents across the country feel that it’s inappropriate to shove a microphone in the face of a traumatized 8-year-old. But have you ever wondered why? It’s because WE WILL REMEMBER. I remember....more
Thank you for writing this. I hope you change someone in the media's way of doing things today. ... more

Why the Unsupervised Playgroup at Central Park Is a Bad Idea

Lenore Skenazy is making headlines again Skenazye has launched an after school program where children ages 8-18 can be dropped off at Central Park to play with each other. The caveat is that they are under no supervision from an adult. Her premise seems to be that children need to engage in free play, playing outside and playing with other children....more
Two weeks ago a 74 year old woman was raped in Central Park. At noon. Steps from Strawberry ... more

Lessons Learned from Weekly Writing Exercises

Weekly writing exercises aren't quite as difficult for me as daily morning pages, but I'll admit that I still struggle with them. Yet I still find myself thinking about the writing prompts in Julia Cameron's My Artist's Way Toolkit, even if I don't put a pen to paper. I'm not always good at putting my thoughts down but these exercises are still teaching me some important lessons....more
Yesterday I watched my kids catch crabs in shallow bay water, then set them all free an hour ... more

Would You Make Ungrateful Kids Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter on Vacation?

By the time he turned six, my son Jack had already taken trips to Los Angeles, Seattle, Florida, New York City, Hawaii and quite a few other places that require a boarding pass and a suitcase. Conversely, by the time I turned six, I’d maybe been out to my uncle’s farm a couple of times. But like a lot of modern families, my husband and I are able to take our kids on the type of vacations that we could only dream about when we were growing up. And that’s a wonderful feeling. But what do you do when your kids don’t appreciate it? Well, if you’re anything like my friend Kristi Jordan, you bring your fabulous trip to a screeching halt and make them volunteer at The Bowery Mission. Oh, yes, she did. ...more
I love this. I feel like gratitude and "getting it" is the most important thing I have to teach ... more

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

One of the things that I appreciate about Julia Cameron's new My Artist's Way Toolkit is how she's forcing me to pay attention. Yes, my morning pages may be a to do list most days (and yes, I still suck at them) but maybe one out of five days I'll find myself writing out a really good idea. I may not write down a single word after an Artist's Date but during it I'll be observing the things around me. Inspiration can happen anywhere. ...more
I've been lucky enough to be traveling in Madrid this week-- without kids-- and I had an entire ... more

Do You Ever Go On Dates - By Yourself?

While it's true that I suck at morning pages, it's equally true that I love ...more
This is one of the things that I do like about the Toolkit as opposed to just using the books- ... more

I Suck at Daily Morning Writing Exercises

When I mention Julia Cameron or The Artist's Way, chances are one of the first things you will think of is morning pages. When I signed up for the My Artist's Way Toolkit, I was a bit hesitant. I knew that morning pages were part of the bargain, and I've never been good at them. After a few weeks of using the service I can tell you that I still suck at morning pages. ...more
I agree with Julia Cameron that the morning pages are best done longhand and first thing in the ... more

(UPDATED) Lift a Blogger's Post? But Honestly, Cook's Source, You Can't Do That

In yet another case of misunderstanding blogging, Cook's Source magazine reprinted a blogger's piece without her permission. But wait! It gets better! When the author of the piece inquired about it, she was told by the editor that everything on the Internet is free domain. And! The author's piece was in need of so much editing, the author should compensate her for a job well done. I'll wait while you stop boggling. Done now? I'm not. ...more
Holy COW @JennaHatfield . That is unreal. I'll certainly add to the Twitter fire here. thanks ... more

BlogHer Writers Conference '11 Twitter Roll Call!

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