The Clueless Caregiver

You know the age-old wedding vow, “In sickness and in health”? Well, when I stood under the chuppah and got married three short years ago, I never really gave much thought to that vow. Unfortunately for my husband’s sake, I really should have....more

We too dated a long time before marrying, in fact we lived in two different states flying to see ... more

Hi, I'm Polly, Your BlogHer Conference Programming Cruise Director!

Ahoy, BlogHers! All right, I’m not exactly your Cruise Director. But close. My name is Polly Pagenhart, and I’ll be joining Elisa Camahort Page and Jes Ferris as the newest member of BlogHer’s Conference Programming team. ...more

I am new to the world of blogging and looking forward to my very first BlogHer conference. That ... more

Is Blogging Making You Fat, Tired, Anxious and Sleepless at Night? The Importance of Personal Wellness and Well-Being as Bloggers

Conference:  BlogHer '11 Track:  Skills 3: The Business of You About You Name:  Angelica Perez-Litwin, PhD URL: Is blogging making you fat, tired, anxious and sleepless at night?  You are not alone!  Many new and veteran bloggers find themselves feeling drained, overwhelmed and over-extended by the numerous activities necessary to maintain a successful blog.  Ironically, this is a conversation that is often shoved under the rug in the blogging world.  No one wants to admit that, as magical as blogging can be, it can also impact our health, well-being, time-management and other home/work responsibilities....more

I haven't been blogging very long, in fact I just began in December 2010. I started my blog ... more

The Return From Iraq: When Coming Home Is Not Homecoming

Intact. We use it when “things” are “not broken,” when they are still “working.” And we use it sometimes to gloss over the hidden fissures…the cracks that deepen under stress and strain. My husband returned from Iraq on October 31, 2006 -- four and a half years ago. My husband, for whom I had waited so many months, came home but he never had a homecoming. He returned intact but with a crucial piece missing -- his men. ...more

Thank you for sharing your story which is a real reminder to us that your husband was not the ... more

Dear Hillary: I Need a Mail-Order Village

I know what I want this year. And I'm appealing directly to the First Star on the Right and the laws of Scratch 'N Play Lotto. With a strong appeal to Hillary Clinton. For my village. Because I'm village-less. ...more

I need a village, in fact, a village is just what I need.

While I am not a parent to young ... more

Epilogue to "My Son Is Gay" Post: Adult Bullying Within My Church

Let me be very clear, this is not a manifesto against organized religion, church, Christianity, its various denominations, etc. This is about a singular event, the repercussions it has had on me and my family, and the fact that bullying can come from just about anywhere. If you are unfamiliar with this blog or need a refresher, I encourage you to go back and read this post, My Son Is Gay. ...more


 Marileig ... more

Maria Shriver on Alzheimer’s and Women: Hope Over Fear

Try to remember what you were doing a minute ago.  Got it?  Now wrap your brains around this:  In the past minute, another American developed a fatal disease that will slowly erase the personality and a lifetime of memories.  That person will either die with that disease or from it, because there is no cure.  That disease is Alzheimer’s, and it’s a growing national epidemic.  ...more


 Marileig ... more

No More "FML" in 2011

In 2011, I will delete each and every ‘friend’ who writes the words FML on their Facebook or Twitter pages. I want to surround myself with people who think positively and are willing to make the changes that need to be made without quitting -- even when life gets really hard. ...more


 Marileig ... more

Boomers as Burdens

Boomer bashing, always a fun activity for some, could become an extreme sport this year now that the generation has officially hit Medicare age. Instead of just going after boomers as self important bores the trend is to paint boomers as burdens. ...more

So many large corporations ask lomng term employees to take an early retirement. My husband is ... more

Week 2: Explore and Win an iPad!

Last week we invited you to take a look around our redesigned homepage. We love the feedback you gave us and now we'd like to share some of our features beyond the homepage. And, since we are still in a jolly giving mood, this week we want to give you a chance to win an iPad! ...more