96 Hours

96 HoursFor 96 glorious, amazing, and wonderful hours I was pregnant.  For 96 hours my husband and I got to talk about names, and nursery ideas, and who the baby would look like.  For 96 hours it seemed as if we had won our 16 month battle with infertility - we had our miracle baby.    For 96 hours we had a glimpse of a happiness I had only read about.  ...more
insearchofbaby  so we got another positive HPT and just found out that this one is also ending ...more

It Takes Two

Yesterday I had my first breakdown in front of the husband, a good 10 minutes of ugly crying that felt really good.  This cry was prompted by another discussion with the insurance company, a company that can't seem to decide what they are or are not covering from one cycle to the next.  Last cycle they paid for everything but the injectables, but thanks to FreedomFertility that's not that BIG of a deal....more

The Rhyme Lied

First comes Love.Then comes Marriage.Then comes (insert name of guy you're crushing on here) with the baby carriage....more

The Journey Begins

How did we get here - to this room with the large desk and the table with the three chairs?  How did we get here - to having a doctor sketch out my reproductive system and adding a new list of acronyms to the standards we already knew. ...more

The Meat Debate

I have essentially been a vegetarian/pescetarian since I was 16, ever since my parents decided to go Atkins and I decided I needed to rebel.  At first it was a challenge, proving to my parents that I could not only cook for myself but that I could make healthy decisions.  I continued thru college with no intentional stops off the vegetarian train and honestly thought I was going to be a vegetarian for life. ...more
@Vladivosta Part of it is I don't "crave" meat by any stretch, at the time I went vegetarian I ...more

Living with Someone Living with Allergies

I love peanut butter.  There I said it, the dreaded phrase that makes my significant other shudder.  I knew before we started dating that he allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, but I didn't realize how much it would effect me until we started to live together.  Suddenly my kitchen was a hazard, filled with many items that had the potential to kill my other half.  The day before J before in I would on a peanut cleaning rampage, all of the peanut butter (three different types) and peanut candies were placed in a trash bag and given to my sister.  Once he moved in I rea...more