The $100 Question: Angie From Eclectic Recipes Wants To Know What You Top With Whipped Cream

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! ...more
whipped cream over a delicious hot mochaccino! the sweetness of the cream is perfect for the ... more

Cooking with Pumpkins: Here Are Lots of Unique Pumpkin Recipes

Last week I shared Lots of Great Ideas for Celebrating Halloween, and I promised I'd be back with pumpkin recipes. There are an endless number of tasty things that can be made with this autumn vegetable, so if your pumpkin recipe collection is pretty much limited to Jack-O-Lanterns or pumpkin pie, here are some great ideas to get you started. This is obviously only a fraction of the great ways to cook with pumpkin, so please share a link to your own favorite pumpkin recipe in the comments. ...more
Thanks for the great pumpkin roundup Kalyn; got a bunch of new ideas:) I just blogged about How ... more

If You're Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner This Year, There's Plenty of Help on the Web

Thanksgiving is the most food-centered holiday of the year, which means food writers all want to weigh in on it. Every year newspapers, food magazines, food sites, and food blogs all offer tips, suggestions, and menu ideas for the big day. For a few weeks now I've been watching for Thanksgiving advice to show up on my favorite food blogs and food sites. ...more

I have a roundup for vegetarian Thanksgiving menu, from starters and soups to main course, ... more

BlogHer Cooks: Let us Know What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu and We'll Feature Your Best Recipe Here

Thanksgiving is three weeks away, and cooks all over the U.S. are looking for something special for the menu. This is a meal where people like to plan ahead, even though turkey is usually a given and many families have traditional dishes they make every year. Of course, some good cooks have special holiday recipes they've become known for, and those are the ones we want to know about. Tell us about your Thanksgiving specialty and how to make it, and we'll include your recipe link as part of this post. ...more

Spiced Cranberry Plum ... more

Tackling Tofu: Ten Delicious Tofu Recipes to Get You Started Cooking with Tofu

I think most people who read my food blog or my posts on BlogHer regard me as a fairly health-conscious cook, but I'm going to start this out with a big confession. The truth is that even though I love it in restaurants, and I realize that soy is one of the Superfoods we should be eating plenty of, I've never cooked tofu. Not even once. I've decided it's time for me to get over my tofu timidness, and I thought I'd invite BlogHer readers to join me. ...more

I haven't been a tofu-lover either, but like it in my Thai food and sometimes in soups. ... more

Top 10 Reasons Not to Ban Cupcakes

Stefani from the St. Louis food blog is worried. Seems a school in Huntington, New York has banned cupcakes (source: The Daily Show), seems cupcakes are "frosted time bombs" equivalent to "guns in school" and "eating anti-freeze". And Stef, who admits an obsession fascination with home-baked cupcakes, is fighting back. Her reasoning? ...more

I've never understood the rules at school here!! right when you start thinking you have it all ... more

Start with Dessert: Planning Your Thanksgiving Menu

One thing many people love about holidays is the way it gives you a temporary green light to eat things you might normally avoid. Personally, I try not to eat sugar, but when it's a special occasion, I'll definitely have a piece of pie or cheesecake. For Thanksgiving, the traditional dessert is pumpkin pie, so of course we'll start with some tips on making that. Then if you'd like to try something new on the plate next to your slice of pie, here are lots of other delicious possibilities. If you have a favorite Thanksgiving dessert recipe that would make a good addition to the list, please leave your link in the comments. ...more

How about a Layered Coffee Cheesecake with a cup of hot ... more