Admit It: You've Been Watching Crap TV and It's Saving Your Life Right Now

Have you been finding yourself watching junk television like a kid with a freshly filled Halloween pumpkin?  You are not alone. I've been watching crap and loving it. And we are not alone. Lately, when I've chatted with some of my smartest, most literate and most dialed-in friends, many of whom pay for multiple streaming platforms and premium cable and all of who have incredible taste, more likely than not they've confessed to binging on really bad television.  ...more
As a stay-at-home mom I have experienced and indulged in my lion's share of crap TV. It's an ...more

Avery, Adnan and the Lure of Prison Boyfriends in True Crime Shows

I have been deeply troubled by the Netflix docu-series Making a Murderer, and by the viewing public's obsession with the true crime stories it tells. The widespread response -- from outrage to Reddit detective work to elevating defense attorneys to sex symbol status to tasteless humor -- brings up many questions about the ethics of true crime as entertainment. ...more
Really interesting piece. I'm a huge Making a Murderer and Serial fan, but this gives me ...more

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This: What Will Happen If You Post 'Star Wars' Spoilers on Social Media

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally opening in theaters. Can you believe it? Well, lucky you, you have tickets and plans to go on opening night. The Force was with you on that one.  You will be excited, you will feel nostalgic and special and on top of the world. You will be immersed in one of the greatest stories of our time as produced by top-notch creatives, and you will be over-stimulated with lights, sounds, emotions and maybe even 3D, and you will have thoughts and feelings about how the franchise was handled by its new caretakers at Disney.  ...more

5 Podcasts You Need In Your Life Right Now

Podcasts are magic. For one thing, if you have the right line-up of podcasts, your commute and menial tasks become appealing. You will find yourself wishing for a formidable traffic snarl so that you can finish a hot episode, or happy that laundry needs folding because your queue is bursting like a pomegranate.   ...more
I love podcasts! I need to find the podcast for "Topchef" again.  I have three or four podcasts ...more

'Scandal' Shows Abortion as Women's Choice to Make and Handle Alone

Last night's Scandal mid-season finale was radical and provocative. Centered on choice, both personal and political, we were shown a lead character choosing abortion as a personal, private, medical matter. It was shown, right there on primetime TV, to be a procedure that was serious but something to be handled alone. That the lead character was Olivia Pope, a powerful, Black, professional woman, made the storyline all the more barrier-breaking.  ...more
Uhm ? How about Huck ( which is why i still watch ) teasing Daddy Pope about her two white ...more

Fast and Easy Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Do you know how much a fruitless visit to the almost-empty aisles of a costume store will cost you this week? Hours you could have spent binging half a season of Gilmore Girls, that's how much, plus the bail you will need after the public tirade you will conduct upon seeing that a tacky, expensive, triple-offensive "sexy Indian squaw" costume is your only choice.  No one can afford that.   ...more

'Hotel' Is Finally the American Horror Story That's Too Repulsive for Me

The creeptastic anthology American Horror Story has been always been a cringefest. It's certainly not for everyone and can crash and burn more than once in a season, but overall it usually offers provocation mixed with inventive stories, fabulous performers, stunning visuals, and a deliciously campy point-of-view.  I look forward to the upcoming seasons just to see what Ryan Murphy concocts, and anticipating this fall's AHS: Hotel was no different. ...more
Where and when did a horror story trun into soft porn? Ryan Murphy (the director AHS) really ...more

(INTERVIEW) Pauline Campos on Launching Her Book 'BabyFat'

Pauline Campos, freelance writer, longtime member of the blogging community and co-host of the Multi-Culti party at recent BlogHer annual conferences,  has released her first book. BabyFat is a candid memoir centered on body image and the author's postpartum experiences as she took on losing weight gained with the pregnancy of her daughter.  She answered a few questions about bringing BabyFat to market.  ...more
Pauline_Campos BlogHer takes one to know one!!! #MommyTeachesmore

(FALL PREVIEW) After a Tedious Summer of Small Talk With Real People, TV Comes Roaring Back

Forget Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Forget Decorative Gourd Season. Forget falling leaves, cozy hoodies and recipes for tailgate Buffalo chicken dip. The absolute best part about fall is here full throttle. ...more
CFFowler I need to start HowToGetAwayABC from the start before I watch new episodes! I love ...more

The Monsters in 'The Visit' are Baby Boomers and a Slacker Gen X Mom

In addition to cheap thrills and, typically, a bit of comedy (intended or not), a good horror flick can give us a glimpse into our demons and cultural fears. At core, gothic stories are morality plays. Beware a focus on science, you might make monsters. Rein in your lust, or you might be turned into a creature of the night by a tortured vampire. Quit making out with boys and mouthing off, you brazen girls, or men with chainsaws and axes will find you.  ...more
I'm sort of dying to see this.more