Fighting for Feminine Professions: Why We Don't ALL Have to Work at VOGUE


That is so true, Anita. The fact that we currently make up more than 40% of the workforce in the ...more

Hollywood's Gym-orexia

 Last week, I pawed through the newsstand, gathering as many issues as I could shove into my bag. To my dismay back at home, two of the four magazines that made the cut included pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow, promising to reveal how she got that "amazing" body. Inside the mags, I learned that she got this "miracle figure" by "never" letting up on her workouts. I also learned about the routine that had Cameron Diaz comparing her arms to those of her pilled up lover, A-Rod.    Now, let me show you what I was looking at:...more

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is Blogging SO Over?

Apparently, questioning whether blogging is “so over” is the order of the day. This topic of discussion rises again and again at tech conferences like Le Web, and we have experienced it ourselves in personal conversations with peers in various industries. Can it be? Is blogging really dead?...more

Hi Cathy, and AmiV2:

Thank you for commenting. Cathy - I wish you the best of luck and will ...more

The Importance of Hiring Women in Technology

 From Internet World Business/Switzerland - January 2011 Take a look at this picture. These faces abounded, over six editorial pages, within Internet World Businesses most recent issue - highlighting the faces and names rocking the tech scene in Switzerland. Notice anything funny?We'll tell you what it is: Save for ONE - on a different page - these are all men....more

The Importance of the Office Xmas Party

No matter how fun your job is, it can be made miserable with a hostile environment. And no matter how boring your job may be, it can actually be made enjoyable with a positive environment. At my new place of work – a tiny start up called Memonic, a challenging job is made far more pleasant just by a few daily, weekly and monthly practices – which really make a difference, and which I wanted to share. 1. Be Nice...more

Reader Retention: A Publisher's Dream, and how to Make It Reality

I HIGHLY recommend checking out another Media Musing site, Bloggasm. The name is super - catchy, so I checked it out - and while I was at it, got to read a very relevant post to the Memonic cause:

Incest: we know it's icky. But should it be ILLEGAL?

Today's Blog is a little off the subject of media. It's about Incest.  ...more

Women Helping Women: BE A MENTOR

One of my greatest passions is helping young people find a job. I am old enough to remember the last depression - 2003 - when jobs were hard to come by. I had just finished school, and I swear, I could not find a job to save my life. Six months went by before a fabulous Media Agency threw me a bone - and that was the end of it.    Dana Eldad (my sister, Left) and Sheeri Avrahami - the next generation of Media Pros  ...more

Tech Conferences: Fabulous, but Why So Few Women?

I've been to many, MANY tech conferences this year - all over Europe, and all to promote our budding start up, Memonic. Most have been fun, and pretty good for networking. Some were bombastic, even glamorous - like Le Web Paris, from which we have just returned.But one - was AWESOME. It was the smallest....more

I am committed to keep posting musings on Media and on my career experiences in general. It is ...more