hope in heart ache {It is well with my soul}

Hi there. I know this is going to be weird. I live in South Africa and they only now aired the ...more

"I remember when..." the days of Christmas before plastic trees!!!

 It really freaks me out when I talk about things from my past and I catch myself saying things like... "I remember when"...or "When I was a kid, we used to..." these phrases suggest one of two things; either, 1)my life used to be wayyyy more cool and fun, or 2)I am getting old. and ummm...your not allowed to guess which one it is!! I had one of those moments today when I was decorating our Christmas tree with my daughter...you see, we weren't just putting it up, we were (and I'm embarrassed to say) assembling it by number....more

Treating others how I want to be treated???? This could change EVERYTHING!

   My little princess, at age 6, has decided that it is fun to talk like a 16 year old spoiled "valley girl" (that was big in the 80's for you youngins) And although her whiney, high pitched "mom" (said with rolling eyes, and sighs of disgust) accomplishes nothing for her, she does it anyway.  I have tried everything from different punishments, to ignoring her, to lecturing about our tone of voice, and respect...ya, like lectures work, anyway...I have come up with something brilliant to try!...more

Wanted: a mom (the weak need not apply)

 A while back, I wrote my "letter of resignation". (click there to read it...)  Not to the salon where I spend my one day a week working (vacation as I call it), or to Lindsay my crazy Earth Monkey partner…but to my family.  I had a moment where I just thought, this is all too hard and I certainly could find an easier, better paying job without much trouble....more
Love this!more

Lindsay gets an extreme home makeover!!! This is the first post in the journey!

Please go to earthmonkeymoms.com for full post with pictures......more

worry and guilt...a parents closest friend!

I've always prided myself as being a person who is basically worry free, or at the very least worry limited. Seriously, it takes a lot to freak me out, or make me over analyze or over think things, and I rarely sit around and burry myself in garbage from the past. I'm kinda one to save those kind of crazy, un-useful emotions for the really big events...like divorce, death, illness, or not having the right color shoes for a blue taffeta and black lace dress (sorry, just had a Sr. prom flashback moment)......more

The "Food" Hangover