Exhaustion and Green Backlash: Capitalizing on Crunchy

Lately I've realized something. After I'm done reading the many articles on Facebook or the news about organics, new studies on genetically modified food, chemical laden everything, and how pregnant women are passing toxins onto their unborn children -- I feel worse about myself. ...more

As an owner of an eco friendly baby accessory company I whole heartedly agree with you. Our ... more

Speech Delays: Talk to Me

I look at his face, red now, with snot and tears and drool all mixing into one big, frustrated mess. He wants so much to tell me. Even more, he wants me to understand. Why aren’t I helping him? ...more

Hi there... I am a mom of three boys... all who have had speech delays or regression in speech. ... more

Change Your Morning Routine and Change Your Life

I once had a friend point out how disconcerting it can be to accidentally wash your body out of order in the shower. We all have a shower routine that involves washing various body parts in the same order -- day in and day out. And it throws off everything when you accidentally start with your arms instead of your legs, or maybe wash your hair before you wash your face as usual. That feeling of everything being a bit off usually stays with you long after you've dried off, and that's the effect we're going for as you tweak your morning. In other words, we are creatures of habit, and the best way to create a change is to break a habit by making a small change. ...more

I always think about making lunches for my hubby and kids the night before but by the end of the ... more

Week 2: Explore BlogHer.com and Win an iPad!

Last week we invited you to take a look around our redesigned homepage. We love the feedback you gave us and now we'd like to share some of our features beyond the homepage. And, since we are still in a jolly giving mood, this week we want to give you a chance to win an iPad! ...more

I like this idea. I'm new to BlogHer and really need to find out all of the cool ways to get ... more