#AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party Week 1 - Come and Join In!

 #AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party Week 1The #AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party is in it's first week and we'd love you to come and join in!...more

My new blogging mantra for 2014

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Ten things to do with your blog over Christmas

 Ten things to do with your blog over ChristmasThe reality of Christmas and the holiday season is that b...more


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Nelson Mandela, a Special (AKA) kind of man #RIPMandela

 If ever there is a man who symbolises triumph over adversity it is Nelson Mandela.’Free Nelson Mandela’ by The Special A.K.A (The Specials) was the first thing that popped into my mind when ...more

Randi Zuckerberg says we need to find a tech life balance

When I heard social media guru Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, talking about the importance of finding a tech life balance earlier today, it was like a massive “HELLO I’m talking to YOU”....more

The Killing: Reeva Steenkamp and ending the war on women

Whilst avidly consuming every detail of the bail hearing of Oscar Pistorius this last week, I've been shocked by the statistics of violent crime against women in South Africa. But then these kinds of statistics aren't the sole reserve of South Africa. India, Somalia, Pakistan... there is a long list of countries where violent crime against women is rife, even right here in the UK. The spotlight on this celebrity killing has reminded me that I must do my bit to take action to end the war on women in our world... ...more

As the year evaporates into the advent of Christmas

As Ma Puce opened the first door on her Advent Calendar, I felt the rush of a whole year tumble out alongside the chocolate treat inside. Two seconds later, the chocolate was gone. A delicious moment lost in time. Much like this last year.Read full post here: advent of Christmas By mother.wife.me...more