Casually Festive

Simple Yet Bold Holiday Nails

As a self-confessed nail polish addict (over 120 bottles, anyone?) I absolutely adore the nail art trend that is taking place right now!! However, I don't have a steady hand, so I can hardly paint my nail polish on without getting it on my fingers, let alone stencil pictures and lines on my nails. I am also a bit impatient, so while I like bold statement nails, I like to err on the side of simplicity as well. Attaining simple, yet stylish, holiday nails only requires a few steps and tweaks that I hope you will be willing to try. ...more
Love this!!!more

My Locs Helped Me Find Myself

While I will never regret starting locs, I'd be lying to you if I told you it was a simple decision. You see, I had thick, beautiful, straight (from chemical perms) hair -- which is prized in the African-American community. Even when I turned 18 and decided I still wanted locs, my mom wasn't a fan of the idea. ...more
Your transitioning pictures are awesome and your hair simply gorgeous. You are a true ...more

How to Add Pops of Color to Your Wardrobe

When I think of fall, there are certain colors that automatically come to mind, like navy, black, gray, burgundy, and olive. While these colors can be found in the seasonal change of nature, I’m not much of an outdoorsy kind of gal. So I look to these basic colors to accentuate my fall wardrobe. There is something about cooler temperatures that simply make us all want to wear darker colors. I have a confession, though: I wear bold and bright colors year-round -- and you can, too!...more
Great post. Will share with my daughter who loves color. I would love to know how to include images.more

Work Style: Office Basics and How To Wear Them

I must admit, I don't know the last time I worked in a setting where office wear was required or appropriate. My last job in the traditional sense was at Girl Scouts, where jeans were the norm around the office, and I worked in the schools where I wore what I pleased. However, I always remember the lessons my mom and teachers taught me about dressing professionally when I do personal shopping for a client or help a friend looking to build a work wardrobe....more

Lace + Favor Boxes

(images courtesy of   If you haven't noticed by now, lace is a major trend in fashion for the Fall/Winter season, and these ...more