Wordless Wednesday: Cousins

NaBloPoMo's theme for January of beginning's is so appropriate. As we enter into the second half of January we are either feeling very good about the progress we've made on our new beginnings, or delving deeper into the self evaluation to figure out why we aren't at a place where we are feeling good about those beginnings.January is a busy month as it is the start of the sports show "season." My career as a social media writer with a number of company accounts involved in the outdoor market means spending a number of days attending sports shows. ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Phyllis and Daughter Cindy, Honolulu 1954

Today's submission for January NaBloPoMo can be found on my blog located on Blogger which you can access at: http://anaharcockermom.blogspot.comToday's blogging prompt is courtesy of Geneabloggers, an active community of family history and genealogy bloggers. Wordless Wednesday is just one of several blogging prompts for today but one that allows participants to post a photo to their blog with a caption that speaks for itself. Or in the words of Rod Stewart, "Every picture tells a story."...more