Dating: Mating Season Theory

A friend of mine asked me to put some of my theories in writing because it may help someone so here goes....more

Its okay to expect love

As a single woman, I have operated a lot on my instincts. I was a victim of my primal desires, I guess thats what we will call it. I always wondered why we see an attractive man and immediately want to have sex with them. Men are guilty of it too, but in a different way, they do not have that 'mate for life' instinct initially. But women, we want to be with someone. We feel that our bodies will over power a man's go forth and multiply instinct and he will be smitten for life. That is not how it works....more

What Sex and the City made me realize today.

What a Sunday! I have spent most of the day watching the second season of Sex and the City, my favorite show.  I am still hurt that it is off the air.  But the second season is all about Carrie who had broken up with her guy Mr. Big only to fall back into a relationship to ultimately fall yet break up and get her heart broken.  Love the drama and chaos of it all really.  But two things stood out in my mind that relates to my own bout of crazy relationships.  #1 like a lot of women and espacially Carrie Bradshaw, I date the same type of man, over and over....more

Where's the beef??

Part of my New Year's resolution bundle of things to do, was cleaning up my diet.  As a single woman who has a gaggle of gay friends, I eat out most of the time.  It doesn't matter, brunch then lunch and later dinner at those little expensive boutique places that no one has ever heard of on a weekly sometimes daily basis. It was torture to my body (and budget) and I wanted a huge change because I felt really sluggish and toxic.  So I decided to try vegetarianism.  So far I have only had one slip up at Olive Garden, why was I there in the first place?...more

Just realized my title is crazy, LOL.



Fighting the addiction and winning...What a suprise!

Good day all! Today is day 4 of my new life.  This preparation period seemed a lot less complicated on New Year's Eve, but it is coming together.  Lets talk addiction.  I am Leslie and I am a facebook abuser.  I used to post all through the day, at work, at home, on the cell.  Any random thought I had found itself on facebook.  It was to the point where I had a friend block me because I posted once every 15 minutes one day.  It was horrible.  Facebook has been my downfall....more

Write the Vision - Make it Plain

I love the time before my birthday; my birthday being New Years Eve. For some reason I honestly feel that the day gives me more of a whole year to accomplish things versus having a birthday on, say August 20th. I have all 4 seasons and a full calendar to get something accomplished. Whatever, its just my opinion. So this year I am getting with some of my girlfriends and we are taking a new approach. We are going to end the year constructing vision boards....more

I know,lol, it is a daunting task, but it has to work. I really want things to change in 2012. ...more