What's Yours is Mine? - Borrowing Recipes

I think I found my hero on Chowhound the other day.  It was a discussion forum with many posts.  The guy had 4 sets of comparative links.  One side was recipes from mainstream food magazines and the other was recipes from one very popular, well-regarded and respected food blog.  His point was, the recipes were a direct lift from the ingredients to instructions.  The only thing original on the food blog was the photography .  The food blog author said the recipes were “adapted” and cited the source, but I have to agree with the guy on Chowhound, a carbon copy do...more

Italian Vegetable Soup - A Metaphor

My husband and I have a Saturday night ritual of watching a movie....more

Job Hunting is like Dating... But Not Nearly as Fun

I recently lost my job due to company changes for 4th time.  Over the last 10 years, the companies I've worked for were either sold, changed management and/or relocated.  This last one wasn't sold but upper management outsourced my boss' department to an outside vendor, thus eliminating 7 permanent positions....more