Big Brother 2011 Who Goes Now?

      I'm gearing up for big brother tonight. How about you? I hated to see Danielle go earlier this week but Porshe and Kalia took a stand and sent Jeff packing. I like Jeff and Jordan but Danielle made a good point that together they stood a chance of taking all 550,000 bucks home. Jordan has won once before so I'd like to see someone else take home something....more

Will You Walk Through This Door?

        The Room of Grace is a safe place. It's the place you go to take off all your masks and be yourself. As you walk through this door you know everyone accepts you even if you have visible flaws and if you are hiding invisible flaws you're free to talk about them. As a matter of fact the people there encourage you to talk about it....more

Say Now What Might Not Get Said Later (A Father's Day Tribute)

        He was tall, dark and handsome and I thought he hung the moon. It would have surprised me to find out he actually didn't because there wasn't anything my father couldn't do. My mother, brother and I didn't see him much because he worked two jobs most the time but when he was there we made the most of it....more

My Second Most Embarrassing Moment Happened Today!

I've had some pretty embasrrassing moments in public but today was the second most humiliating. I went to church today and after Lifegroup class went to use the restroom. As I washed my hands after the potty break a few friends came in and we talked a few moments. One of these sweet ladies was an avid reader of my blog Julie Moore On Life, I hugged her and went on my merry little way. Away I went toward the sanctuary passing a multitude of people (male and female) in the hallway....more

Yeah it's funny now but I was mortified then. I am pretty active with 4 blogs but I love ...more

Simple Southern Tips From The Georgia Girl's Kitchen

Many of you want to know how to give your food a little Southern twang. My mom taught me a few secrets I'll pass on to you. Maybe they aren't secrets to some but if you don't know about them you'll be glad I let the cat out of the bag. 1- Add a can of chicken broth or a few chicken bouillion cubes and a half cup water to any kind of beans, whether frozen, canned or fresh. Let them boil for at least 30 to 45 minutes or until the liquid cooks down....more

Thanks for stopping by Vicki. You'll love the cornbread and the mayo really does make the potoes ...more

Survivor May 11th: Rob Is Taking Grant All The Way, Not!

      Andrea shows up on Redemption with Matt, Ralph, and Mike. She pleads her case to Matt telling him why her team voted her off. He didn't seem to fall for her cunning charm this time. Thank goodness! As much as I don't like the way she treated Matt I also didn't agree with the men making her sleep on the ground while they slept a little more comfy....more

I can't stand Rob but who will have the guts to vote him off? Everyone is afraid of the Master. ...more

Southerners and Their Need To Feed... Everybody!

      Here in the south we feed people. A lot. We feed people when a loved on passes on, when a loved one is in the hospital or comes home from the hospital. We feed pregnant moms who need some rest, those who are caring for sick loved ones, and small children. We feed people before church, after church, and during Sunday School. If we have a get together of any kind first thing we do is plan the menu and have everybody sign up to bring something....more

yep, well that explains why I stay about 20 pounds overweight. It's hard. Every time I turn ...more

My Top 10 Irritations: I Need Advice On A Few

      In No Certain Order 1-Empty Milk Carton put back in the refrigerator. I want some cereal, get the bowl out, put the cereal in it, even get the spoon out then when I reach for the milk the carton it is empty. My response: I search the house for the culprit and for the hundredth time tell him how much I wanted some cereal only to find out there was no milk....more

Thanks for the comment I'm about to bawl myself. its so exciting! headed to your ...more

Survivor 2011 Has A Puppet Master Pulling All The Strings

    Tonight on Survivor Boston Rob showed his control over the Ometepe tribe in several ways. He set up a new system, the Buddy System. Each tribe member had to take a buddy everywhere they went even to the bush. The reason for this was not safety as most of us remember from elementary school, no, Rob wanted to make sure the Zap tribe didn’t get the chance to persuade one of them to switch sides....more