The "So What?" Lesson

I could learn a lot from Dominique Browning about gardening. The parts in Slow Love where she talked about her gardens and her approach to gardening were some of my favorites. Perhaps because when it comes to gardening I am a big chicken. Yes, I am scared of my flower beds. ...more
I really needed this to inspire me to begin a project I have put off for fear of failure. It's ... more

A Mother's Prayer: Let Tomorrow Come

You may have heard the horrible news that a a baby died after a fall from a shopping cart earlier this week. It popped all over my Facebook page, with everything from shock to grief to judgment to warnings about how to put your child in a shopping cart properly. The truth is that a freak accident could change our lives and our families forever. Law Momma, who lives in the same area as the mother who lost her baby, wrote a heart-felt prayer in reaction, asking for tomorrow. I urge you to read it....more
What a perfect way to word what I have always wanted to say, "God let tomorrow come." Thanks for ... more

A Rock Star. Finally! Thanks to Mom's Fashion File at BlogHer'11

A pink carpet. A hundred onlookers. Cameras. And me, about to strut my stuff. I couldn't wait. It took me a long time to celebrate this, to own my beauty, to silence the inner critic, to become comfortable in my own skin. This was my time to shine. I spent most of my teens and 20s feeling insecure and unattractive and like I didn't fit in. I focused on my career, and in my 30s, met and married my husband. I had three kids (two at home), ran two marathons, and now, at age 42, I like who I am....more
Gorgeous girl! You are a rockstar! Loved the clothes. more

The Neglected Blog

In the morning it gives you the look, as you greet it, and head out the door. The look it gives you is unforgettable and reminds you - yes we need to spend more time together. You promise your blog tonight will be the night I will write a post just for you. It waits, patiently waits, like the neglected lover, waiting for the return of its first love. It never gives you grief only the passive-aggressive guilt you feel for neglecting it. It's waiting for that image of flowers to appear or a kind word or two.... ...more

True we do let life get in btw us and out blogs. Is that a good thing or bad?


My Life and Times With A Soap Opera


I so agree with you. But I have come out of the closet and have found many others like us who ... more

My Second Most Embarrassing Moment Happened Today!

I've had some pretty embasrrassing moments in public but today was the second most humiliating. I went to church today and after Lifegroup class went to use the restroom. As I washed my hands after the potty break a few friends came in and we talked a few moments. One of these sweet ladies was an avid reader of my blog Julie Moore On Life, I hugged her and went on my merry little way. Away I went toward the sanctuary passing a multitude of people (male and female) in the hallway....more

Yeah it's funny now but I was mortified then. I am pretty active with 4 blogs but I love ... more

Childfree Weddings

Recently Parentdish asked if kids should be banned from weddings....more

Childfree will def work sometimes and is a good idea. However those of us who have so many ... more

Learning to Trust Your Mind Again

As I've gone about my daily life these past 38 (even though I still feel 27) years, there's been something going on I wasn't aware of, an undercurrent within my own life which I didn't feel pulling me down. ...more

Well I found you at The red Dress Club, CWO, The Lazy Christian and now here. I'm really not ... more

Simple Southern Tips From The Georgia Girl's Kitchen

Many of you want to know how to give your food a little Southern twang. My mom taught me a few secrets I'll pass on to you. Maybe they aren't secrets to some but if you don't know about them you'll be glad I let the cat out of the bag. 1- Add a can of chicken broth or a few chicken bouillion cubes and a half cup water to any kind of beans, whether frozen, canned or fresh. Let them boil for at least 30 to 45 minutes or until the liquid cooks down....more

Thanks for stopping by Vicki. You'll love the cornbread and the mayo really does make the potoes ... more