Closing Keynote | NextGen Feminists in the Public Eye featuring Jurnee Smollet-Bell and Matt McGorry

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Any chance of getting the rest of this keynote?  Since this is just the introduction? more

I'm a Bisexual Woman Dating a Man

Despite my hesitation to call myself bi, I call myself bi to simplify it for others. I don't really fit in with the LGBTQ+ community, but one thing that is particularly noticeable is how straight people react to me. There are quite a few things straight people say to bi women, which really should never be said to them... but they still are said....more
I am so very happy to see a post like this -because it's really true.  Being bi (and especially ... more


Dear Glamour Magazine,  ...more
I don't agree with Glamour choosing her.  But I would NEVER exclude her because she's ... more

ANNOUNCEMENT: #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us Splashes into L.A. Next August

It seems like only yesterday that we were catching roses from Boyz II Men at #BlogHer15, but even as the sun set on that beautiful summer day in New York, we were planning for next year. Today we are so excited to announce the dates and location of #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us, and to offer SUPER-Earlybird pricing for the conference....more
So excited that #BlogHe16 is on my home turf! :)  What a great venue, too! more

How to Stay Healthy at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us

#BlogHer15: Experts Among Us is only a few weeks away, and while many are printing up business cards and deciding which sessions to attend, I doubt that many are considering how they plan to feel their best while in New York City. ...more
So important!  I'm used to Con Crud from going to comic conventions - and the number one way to ... more

Don't Be Selfish By Having a Child-free Wedding

This summer, my husband and I have approximately 10,000 weddings to attend. OK, that's an exaggeration, but it definitely feels that way. In and of itself, our plenitude of weddings are a good thing. Drinks! Dinner! Butter cream frosting! The only problem with all these weddings this summer is that the vast majority of them don't include an invitation extended to our offspring....more
You know, for my wedding, we only invited one young kid (close family friends who had a reading ... more

So, Would You Date a Bisexual Guy?

Editor's Note: This piece was first published in April, 2009. I enjoyed the discussion of sexual fluidity and gender identity. For Pride Month, I want to feature more BlogHer posts that discuss queer identities when it comes to dating, love, and sex. - Feminista Jones For someone like me, living in oh so open-minded Northern California, the tabloid press stories about celebrities’ sex lives are kinda puzzling. Every week, there’s a story outing some star’s sexual life:“Gavin Rossdale’s ex-girlfriend is a man!”...more
violetta That is a ridiculously ignorant statement to make.  HIV/AIDS are not exclusive to the ... more

6 Bloggers You Need to Read for World Crohn's and Colitis Day

Today is World Crohn's and Colitis Day, and of course, the day is meant to raise awareness for inflammatory bowel disease. Is there anyone better to teach about the ins and outs of these diseases than the people who live with them day in and day out? I've rounded up bloggers who are sharing their first-hand experience with Crohn's disease and colitis. I'd love to add your personal story to the list so the newly diagnosed can find information. So please add your blog to the comment section if you also write about Crohn's and colitis. ...more
I live with Crohns!  I don't write about it as often as I could, but it's a very big part of my ... more

Disneyland & Beyond: Where to Eat in the Anaheim Resort District

Disneyland may be its own world, but it's at the center of the Anaheim Resort District, a swirling galaxy of hotels, restaurants, and shops. Which means that, even outside of the park's hedge-ringed atmosphere, you'll find a multitude of places to get something to eat. ...more
A little further down Katella, I'm a fan of the Katella Grill (though I think it's technically ... more

How to Deal With Allergies While Traveling

Traveling (especially international travel) when you suffer from allergies or intolerances might scare you away at first, but once you follow these simple steps, which I learned by trial and error during my travels, I promise you that you will stay healthy throughout your trip. ...more
My son has food allergies, and I have my own dietary issues - so I know how tough it is.  We ... more