What Can I Say, Kid? I'm A Product Of The Eighties.

Dear Daughter:I went to school in the eighties.This dictates that (amongst other things):My prom dress is far more embarrassing than yours will ever be I used more hairspray in four years of high school than you'll use in your entire life You're going to have to deal with me singing "Raspberry Beret" at the top of my lungs when I hear it on the radio. Complete with squeals, oooohs and shaking of the vehicle as I jam in my seat....more
Love the post!  Took me back to a great time! more

Is my spouse verbally abusive or controlling? I've reached the end of my rope.

After this weekend I decided it might help me if I started sharing the things my other half says to me that I question whether or not are abusive and/or controlling.  It’s really hard because he does have some good qualities and I tend, at times, to let those overshadow what I suspect are the not-so-good qualities.  I’m made to think that these things happen because of me.  In fact, I’ve been told “if you would just listen to what I tell you” or “if you would do what I tell you” or (and this one makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck) “if you wouldn’t talk back all th...more
The nice phase is temporary, just like you said.  I was in a similar situation for almost ten ... more

Beautiful. In My Own Brown Skin.

Perhaps we didn't know then what we know now about children and their sense of self worth. Perhaps confidence was thought to be earned or innate, not nurtured or learned. I spent many years feeling insecure and timid. To know me now makes this difficult to believe, but that shy girl still lives in a pocket inside me. ...more

I loved this post! I'm just a couple of years behind you, but have recently become very ... more

Dear HuffPo: Divorce Is NOT Like Death, It's Like Divorce

My children will never see their father again. He will never be late picking them up for "his weekend." He will never spend another birthday with them, another Christmas, or see them in another Halloween costume. They will never call him on the phone. He will not attend their weddings. ...more

Leah, you are so right! I went through a terrible divorce several years ago and even as bad as ... more