Blizzard of Oz-Round Deux

You know, you really haven't lived until you have been witness to the pre-blizzard shopping habits of Midwesterners. Since this current blizzard gave even more advance notice than the one last week, people had all weekend to contemplate the couple of days they are going to spend sheltering in place when it drops another foot or so of snow down on the currently bone-dry streets....more

Blizzard of Oz Redux: Who Owns the Snow?

Today brings a well-publicized winter storm, already living up to its hype and offering the rare phenomenon of thunder snow. This serene view from Flat Rock Creek belies the vehicular chaos reigning on area highways, many of which are now closed down and littered with abandoned cars. Schools, malls, bus routes, and even the airports have closed as the snowfall per hour ramps up....more

Hole in My Heart

Words fail at the sudden and quite unexpected loss of our beloved 8-year-old Brittany Spaniel yesterday due to a ruptured abdominal tumor. So I give you the eloquence of my teenage daughter instead:Got into the trash almost everyday? Check. Constantly taking shoes? Check. Jumped the fence? Check. Barked at everyone who walked by? Check. Ate my favorite necklace? Check. The list could go on. Sound familiar? He was a Marley and Me kind of dog...but better. Because he was my dog. He was meant for my family. Love you, high maintenance dog. You will be missed....more

Women in the Catholic Church: We'll Have Nun of That

I am never surprised by what medical science learns about nuns. That they are latently afflicted with dementia, if at all. That they enjoy better health in later years compared to cohorts. That they live longer. That they write well and think clearly into old age.I am now no longer surprised by what the Catholic Church heirarchy selectively chooses to investigate. Today, it is nuns....more
Thank you so much for this positive and balanced view.  This has been my experience too.more

Border War: Nastiest Sports Rivalry Ever?

Game Over: permanently, I hope. And not a moment too soon. Or perhaps even at exactly the now controversial moment in regulation play it should have ended....more

Let There Be Light From Rays Not Rings

I just read Home Reared Chef's blog post disclosing that her husband installed a new faucet in celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary and immediately felt a bond. My husband and I hit our 29th last month, and he has installed lighting in the darkest recesses of our aging home as his anniversary gift to me and, well, him....more
@isthisthemiddle Sounds like the cobbler's children syndrome! Gosh, I am now even happier my ...more

Back When We Had Both World Enough and Time

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it, too? Why, I believe that's just what we are about to do in this photo taken 29 years ago. Our post-Christmas wedding was on an unseasonably warm January day, very much like today, in fact, which rendered my mother's year of incessant fretting about the prospect of snow completely unwarranted....more

Midwesterners: Word's Out-Hide Your Fanny Packs Now!

Quick! Before you read this post. Run and hide your fanny packs---for the sake of all Midwesterners. Apparently, folks on the east coast got wind that fanny packs could still be had in the Midwest and they might be casting aspersions on us for this---stop me if you already know about this propensity of theirs....more

Of Posturing, Politics, Predators, and Power Grabs

How's that for some alliteration?  Or should I say, "obliteration?" I am now going to write on a topic I know virtually nothing about: college football.  Though it's probably invisible to those who live well outside of the heart of flyover country, a major athletic conference here is currently imploding at the behest of powerful and greedy folks all over these United States. And in its wake, this implosion will leave local and regional economies in tatters and major university brands tarnished.  Wait, institutions of higher learning have brands?&nbs...more