When Christian patriarchy fails, and its children need spiritual peace

I read a portion of the Bible recently and it pissed me off.{And not in the “Oh, that’s the conviction of the Holy Spirit” kind of way.}As part of my research for an essay I was invited to write for a natural hair anthology, I wanted to find the old Scriptures that I was raised with – the ones that talked about how a woman’s hair is her glory....more

My two cents in a sea of pennies

"What Chick-fil-A has become in the past week is a western problem. I think it's probably only here in 2012 that a fast food restaurant owner can declare his support of traditional marriage, and party lines are drawn - those who will eat chicken sandwiches and waffle fries, and those who won't." To continue reading, visit Life Is My Road Map...more

Creating and resting

I emailed my life coach yesterday: "Is it normal that I'm perfectly content to stay in my house all day on a day that I have off? ... it makes me happy to write, blog, read, clean my house, listen to music, cook and not speak to a lot of people on a day that I don't HAVE to go anywhere....more

the Choosing Project

Tragic choices, heroic ones.Questionable, arguable, defenseless, bad ones.Spontaneous, reckless, risky, terrible ones.Passionate, unwavering, no-brainers.We all have choices. We all make choices.We choose our course of action, our response, our attitude, our reaction.It's true that each of us are living a life as a consequence of someone else's decisions....more

Do I need a pregnancy test?!

If immaculate conceptions were run of the mill every day occcurences, I would think I fell prey to one.What other explantion, besides pregnancy, is there for fatigue, crying for 6 days straight, lack of appetite and then being so ravenously hungry that you tell your waitress in the Dallas airport terminal, "No, I'll keep the menu. I'm not done"?The only difference between me and my nine friends (NINE! I ticked them off on my fingers on my delayed flight from Point A to Point B) who are really and trulio pregnant, is that I am not....more

I don't like whiteboards

I think whiteboards are clunky and institutional, but in the Cottage where there is a surplus of thoughts and to-do lists, a whiteboard-like item is necessary....more

Dumping the dogs

I'm going out of town this weekend and for the first time in my life, I'm boarding my dogs at an actual facility. No leaving them with their grandmother, or shacking them with a friend. They're getting the boneified drop-off at the daycare.What the hell am I supposed to tell these people?Tuck likes to chew hard plastics and swallow the small pieces. He also rises at 6:30 every damn morning.Skye has a WILL BITE sticker in her folder at the vet. She should be kept far away from baby deer, sheep and kittens....more

how I would react to sticky teen situations

I was taking a bath tonight to shave my legs. If, in some twist of fate, my pants have to be ripped off in an emergency during oral surgery tomorrow, I would like for my legs to be clean-shaven.So I was shaving and reading a woman's magazine. A section called for answers to handling "tricky teen situations", which somehow when I first read that, my mind saw "sticky." Anyway. As I was reading the questions, I had my own answers (I have an opinion about everything) and thought I'd share."My 13-year-old wants a Facebook acount. But I don't think he's old enough."Then, no....more


"Why does life have to be so f*cking difficult?"I said that under my breath while an ice-cream cone dripped in one hand, a cup of diet coke was in the other, and I was trying to open the door to the Xterra.Life at that moment was really f*cking difficult.This live-in-the-moment-kind-of-girl felt like an idiot as soon as the words left my mouth and entered the atmosphere.In the grand scheme of things, life at that moment was a cake walk. I had ice cream. A diet coke. A vehicle. This computer in my purse. A beautiful day....more

Apparently not medicated enough, as I posted the same reply twice. Dangfangled new sites ...more

I will live in an RV for a year...maybe

I have an idea, and for me that's not a huge deal. My ideas sometimes feel endless and tiresome. They keep me up all hours of the night, and motivate me through the day. But this idea feels different. I recently returned from an inspiring trip to Denver, Colorado. Inspiring for many reasons, but mainly because I love mountain air and what it does to my head. I was so inspired to live simply, and simply live....more