She's adopted. Yet she's so much like me.

She is so much like me. She's stubborn, tells detailed stories, likes crafts, loves her friends, wants to have a plan, and has perfectionist tendencies....more

Being a boy mom is hard

I'm trying to be a good boy mom. But, man, it's hard.I don't like when he growls at people as if that's how we communicate. And then there is the constant noise. And movement....more

Stress & Peace

I yelled across the house. Again.I repeated harshly what I expected my kids to do. Or not to do. Yet again.Somebody let me down by not doing what they said they were going to do.I let myself down by forgetting.I hurried the kids out the door because I hate to be late....more

5 Years Ago I Became the Mom I Never Thought I'd Be

I never dreamed of becoming a mom. Really. When I looked down the proverbial road, I saw myself as a reporter and maybe eventually an editor at a decent-size city newspaper who would perhaps have kids. The road turned back toward Murray when I said "yes" to my then-boyfriend's marriage proposal. I never doubted he was worth it, but I did wonder what this meant for my career. Plus I had said I was done living in Murray....more

Craving information, the diabetic version

I wore a small piece of technology on my stomach for three days this week. More than seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, meaning I'm dependent on insulin to maintain "normal" blood sugar levels. I take one kind of insulin each night and I take another kind with each meal. I check my blood sugar with a little finger stick at least six times day.And most days it doesn't bother me....more
She LOVES her pump. One drawback though, is that it makes it too easy for her to eat whenever ...more