Running Rhythm: Slow Down

Mascara dampens my eyelids the minute I open the front door to leave the comfort of our air-conditioned house. Humidity immediately presses my lungs a few inches smaller, Ryan’s words “take it easy” ring in my ears before I insert my earbuds and quiet the world around me with music....more
This is so true. The joy and freedom of movement juxtaposed with all that we moms carry to keep ... more

A Rock Star. Finally! Thanks to Mom's Fashion File at BlogHer'11

A pink carpet. A hundred onlookers. Cameras. And me, about to strut my stuff. I couldn't wait. It took me a long time to celebrate this, to own my beauty, to silence the inner critic, to become comfortable in my own skin. This was my time to shine. I spent most of my teens and 20s feeling insecure and unattractive and like I didn't fit in. I focused on my career, and in my 30s, met and married my husband. I had three kids (two at home), ran two marathons, and now, at age 42, I like who I am....more
I think this is fun. Pure fun. And for the record, your before is super Hawt too. more

I’m Not A Bad Mom Because I Take Medication

OK, its confession time. I take antidepressants. I took them when I was pregnant with Ronin. I took them when I pumped breastmilk for him for 13 months. I took them when I was pregnant with Ellie. And I’m still taking them while I continue to breastfeed her at 14+ months. I believe this DOES NOT make me a bad mom....more

You're teaching your kids perseverance, kindness, and how to work through struggles. Pretty ... more

Teaching My Children to Own Their Bodies

We had some medications delivered to the house by the pharmacy this morning. When the delivery man came to the door, he asked for Shaune's credit card since he was the one to fill the prescription. My husband was in the shower, so I grabbed the baby and told Deaglan to follow me upstairs so I could get his signature. I felt awkward taking both kids with me, but I knew for sure that I didn't want to leave anyone alone with a strange man while I ran upstairs. ...more

First of all, Kim, I'm so happy to see you here.

And secondly, I love this post. Such ... more

I Got Sick and the Family Ran Perfectly

When I finally emerged, weak from my stomach flu-inflicted stupor, the house was completely clean, the dishes done, laundry folded and put away. I can't remember the last time that my washer and dryer were not only empty, but had no clothes piled on top. The refrigerator had even been cleaned out. He stepped in and took my place. He filled the shoes that I so often feel like I can't even begin to fill. ...more

Two sided sword, for sure. :)

I am presently living in Daddy-is-King land. Each morning, my ... more

Leaving for America

I could never have imagined it without a little help. In my child’s mind, I pictured a mound of sand, a palm tree (with coconuts!) and my grandparents clinging to it to survive. I spent weeks fretting about how we would swim there and alternatively about how we would all fit! ...more

I loved this the first time around. Your edits work really well, making it even more elegant an ... more

Spring Gifts: How to Make Seed Tape Strips

Last spring while perusing seed catalogs and my local garden centers, I came across seed tape strips. These thin strips of paper are dotted with perfectly spaced seeds, reducing the need to thin seedlings. Intrigued, I decided to make my own for a fraction of the cost. ...more

Well aren't you the little Martha? I love this idea? Will forward it to some friends for sure. ... more

How I Knew I Chose the Right One

My belly sloshes, full of too many bright-red, sticky sweet hurricanes. Orange slices teetering on the edge of the glass and Maraschino cherries stabbed on a tiny plastic sword. Pat O’s serves them in a tall glass I get to take home with me. I save it and fill it with trinkets and Mardi Gras beads, a plastic flower from the St. Patrick’s Day parade last year. ...more

It's the little acts of kindness, the daily moments of grace that make a partnership. This is a ... more

'Til Death Do Us Part

It was still here after all these years - not forgotten, just tucked carefully away; out of sight, but never out of mind. A reminder. She had been looking for a spare set of gloves; the kids always seemed to lose them… at least twice a week. Don’t ever forget. It was amazing how one piece of clothing could make her feel so many conflicting emotions. ...more

You did this so very well. I liked the say that you had a hint of control even in the earlier ... more

Teaching My Son to Dance

He swooped in with one arm around my waist and grabbed my other hand in his. As we glided around the kitchen floor, I asked him, “Who taught you to dance?” “My mom, of course,” he replied and nuzzled his face into my neck. His mom. Of course. She taught him to dance. to open doors for ladies. to do laundry. ...more

There is so much power in being the mother of sons. We are creating such joy for their future ... more