The Blogger PR Blackout - The good, the bad, and the completely puzzling

There have been any number of times that I have eagerly clicked over to my favorite personal blog, awaiting a hilarious breastfeeding story or an engaging rant about reality TV (Kelly Bensimmon, you just kill me with that orange skin!) only to find an uninspired giveaway of Consumer Package Good X. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I often wonder what the blog world would be like if everyone got back to blogging their passions, as they mostly did 3 or 4 years ago (I know, call me Granny), and away from the half-hearted marketing plugs. ...more

That's what happens when you have to move all weekend - damn real life...

 At any rate ... more

Announcing the BlogHer '09 Community Keynote Selections

Today, we are thrilled to announce the final selections for the BlogHer '09 Community Keynote, our second annual Community Keynote, taking place on Friday July 24th. Just like last year, we received hundreds of submissions, and I have to start with a shout-out of gratitude to our tremendous Community Keynote grand poobah: Eden Kennedy from Fussy And the rest of the Community Keynote committee: Jes Ferris and Lori Luna from BlogHer ...more

Thank you so much - I am really honored and humbled to be included along with so many ... more

How Dare You Try To Make Money!

Recently, I was struck by a comment left on the blog of popular blogger, coach and author Pam Slim. The anonymous (of course) commenter chastised her for seeking sales and for there being less free content on her blog as she worked on promoting her newly launched book. Then I was blown away by Pam's fabulous response. Calm, neutral, factual, non-reactive, honest, compassionate and not defensive in the least. ...more

Excellent article.

 I wrote a post last year entitled "Show Me the Money ... more

BlogHer of the Week: Just a Girl in San Francisco

Watching the dismantling of print newspapers has been like passing an accident on the highway, something we slow down for ten seconds to take in before resuming our regular speed forward. After all, we're part of the *new* wave of *new* media. Get with it, print! But can we really move forward while newspapers falter? Are we ignoring our own fate if we don't stop to ponder print's future? ...more

I totally agree with you that we DO need both mediums - absolutely we do.

I think, ... more

The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style

This is a compensated post from BlogHer and  Lucky. I have a very small wardrobe; I have taken to heart all of the advice about ruthless editing, and have pared my closet down to ONLY things that fit me well and that I actually wear.  This makes getting dressed a piece of cake, but it also means that I can wind up feeling like I'm in a rut sometimes, because there's just not a lot to choose from.  And it means that every so often I find myself eyeing what some other woman is wearing and wondering if I could pull that look off, too. ...more

This sounds like a really cool book - I may have to check it ... more

Where in the world is BlogHer '09?

==UPDATE: OK, the poll has been closed. With thousands of votes between the post-conference survey and this poll, I think we're all set. Thanks you so much everyone, not only for your votes, but also for the awesome civic pride on display in these comments :) The leading contenders are: Philadelphia Portland St. Louis ...more

And it's close to home.

I'm surprised there's no Canadian city on the list - hopefully ... more

Join The 2008 Swimsuit Brigade for Honest Photos

I posted this last night before I even saw this challenge!


Colombia, Day One in Bogota

Day one in Colombia has been long but great. My red eye flight over was only 7 hours and I had a window seat. Unfortunately I was seated next to an elderly gentleman who couldn’t get out of the seat by himself to let me over to my seat. He at first expected me to just climb over his legs. I mean, have you seen how much leg room there is? None. After I said no about 6 times he finally called a flight attendant to help him get up so I could sit down. After a few hours we tried to make polite conversation with one another but his no English

How to Participate in BlogHer Conferences

A key cornerstone of BlogHer's approach to conferences is to invite you and our entire community to participate! Here are some way in which you can join us: *Open calls for speakers, session ideas and recommendations on same. (In other words, even if you don't want to speak, please forward us the people you would love to hear speak.) *Room of Your Own sessions:

What about a Canadian (Toronto) Conference

You forgot about your friends 2 the would be amazing 2 have a blogher conference in Toronto Canada....what do the rest of you lady's think???????? ...more

I am all for it - San Fransico is a hell of a hike for me! more