Hard-Working Mom... or Hardly Working?

Last night, I was reading a blog post by a friend from college who is a mom to three small children. She also has a full-time career outside the home. She mentioned in her post about the struggle to give 100% to her children, 100% to her husband and 100% to her career and it got me thinking......more

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Rachel lives in Indiana with her two ... more

I'm a formula-feeding pariah... but at least my nipples aren't bleeding!

When I was pregnant with Em, I was all like, I am going to friggin' breastfeed. Period. No ifs. No ands. No buts.  To me, there was no other choice; I knew that breastfeeding was the very best thing for her and I would have rather died (not really) than give her disgusting, artificial, sub-par baby formula....more

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I think you're absolutely right about everything ... more