It's Not About the Dress

When women think about getting married, one of the things at the top of the list is the wedding dress. Jeffrey Zaslow, captures the mystique of the wedding dress in his new book, The Magic Room, but goes well beyond the dress as he follows real brides through their journeys to the altar. There are tales of sorrow, lost loves, broken dreams, injuries and even some deaths catalogued among the stories.  Each bride featured in the book has an interesting story about her family and her road to the bridal shop. Zaslow follows each bride and how she chooses her gown....more

Love Your Child Each and Every Day

I recently found one of my sorority sisters on Facebook. I hadn't spoken to her in over 15 years and had no idea what she had been doing, where she had been living, if she had a family. Well, I found out and it saddened me. She is a mother of two beautiful children, one who died at the age of 9 from brain cancer. I decided to write to her asking if she would tell part of her story for my readers. Boy, did she talk. About life with her son, her daughter, her husband. How her son would help others in the hospital while he, himself, was receiving treatments. A selfless child. ...more

"Thomas the Tank Engine' Is Ruining My Night

My son has become infatuated with “Thomas. Tank. Engine.” So, the other night (big parenting mistake coming, take note) after a house full of family left for the night, family we haven’t seen in over a year, family that is loving on my son, kissing, playing and hugging on him all night, after they left. After he was totally wound up. After all that, we thought it was a good idea to let him — enter bad parenting mistake — watch TV. ...more

Old School ‘Sesame Street’ vs. New School ‘Sesame Street’

I've been wondering what happened to the "Sesame Street" that I grew up with. The version I've shown my son is very different. All the characters are different: Bert and Ernie are rarely on, and if they are, they aren't together (did they have a fight? are they not friends anymore?), Grover is second to Elmo and Oscar isn't quite as grouchy. But the thing that drives me crazy is that Snufolofogous can be seen by everyone, not just Big Bird. Now he's even called just "Snuffy." That's what 30 years does -- changes things. ...more

10 Reasons Why Suze Orman Rocks!

She's THE symbol for women and finances She empowers women She says it like it is She wrote the book on Women & Finances She got herself out of $250,000 in credit card debt She says the best financial planner you'll ever meet is the one you see in the mirror ...more

Writer’s Strike — My Soap Therapy is in Jeapordy

I can certainly understand why Hollywood writers would go on strike. Seems they are getting the short end of the money stick these days. But, this is really going to affect ME! Especially, my soap opera. You see, I've been watching The Young & the Restless for more than 20 years. Probably closer to 30 years. It's sad how long I've been watching this show, before I should have been watching it for sure, because I'm not that old! At any rate, I do watch it. Every day. Sometimes I save several episodes so that I can watch them together and have a soap marathon. ...more

Bumbo, My Beloved Bumbo

Dear Bumbo: Bumbo seatI remember looking for you in stores. You were impossible to find, literally sold out in every Target, Babies R Us and Wal-mart in the tri-county area. Oh, how I wanted to find you. We needed an alternative to tummy time. The swing was great, but it kept our baby laying on the back of his head. Bumbo promised to elevate baby’s head. Keep baby upright. We longed for a few minutes of hands-free upright time. We finally found you, online. Yes, it’s true, people can find love online these days. ...more

Trying to find balance in my life

I am new here, thanks for having me. I love finding new blogs written by women who are going through the same things I am. I started a blog recently to help figure out what I really want to do in life and to help fight though the chaos that is called life. I'll post more as I learn about all the things at blogher! ...more

I like the title of your Review Blog, not that you mentioned it in this post. I'm just sayin, I ...more