Calling All Free Personal Chefs!

Meals at our house are interesting affairs.  Henry eats more than your average 11-year-old person.  I’m convinced of this fact, even though he is the first pre-teen boy I’ve ever fed.  From the moment he gets up in the morning until the moment his head hits the pillow at night, Henry is either eating or starving.  There doesn’t seem to be any in-between emotions. ...more

Sports Parents - Are We The New Stage Mothers?

Georgia has been trying out for soccer teams.  She had placements for our town team last weekend and this past week, she tried out for a non-town travel team. Soccer try-outs are a very interesting study in human nature.  And by human nature, I mean parental nature.  For one thing, parents aren't allowed to get too close to the try-out action....more
@It's The Elliot Way I think that is a great idea!more

The Homework Dilemma Makes Me Angry

How is the new school year? So far, so good. I'm enjoying the long days of quiet and the ability to get all household/work errands done without my offspring present. The children like their teachers. The 6 year old has adapted to going to school for the full-day and the 11 year-old has grown accustomed to having his head stuffed into the toilet in Middle School.Ha, ha! Just kidding. Middle School is going well, too. We just have one complaint about the start of the new school year -- but it's a doozie: Homework. @$%#^! Homework!...more
Well, its nice to know I'm not alone in dealing with this homework "dilemma".  I have a 6th ...more

Walking To School

Phones For Preteens (or How We Caved)

 Henry is now 11 years old.   ...more

Sports For The Middle-Aged Child

This is my husband, Gordy. Gordy is great husband, a marvelous father, .... and a sports-aholic.Gordy loves sports. ...more

I love your advice that it's "better to wear out than rust out!" You are so right! In fact, ...more