Do You Have Questions Now That You're Expecting Your 2nd Child?

An expectant mom, no doubt, has lots of questions when she's expecting her first baby. But what about that second baby? She already knows what pregnancy is like and what labor entails -- but there's a slew of other questions running through her mind. Charise at I Thought I Knew Mama wrote a list of 11 things to share with mothers expecting their second baby, and it's really a great post to pass on. ...more
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After BlogHer '12 -- What You're Tweeting!

Hopefully you have made your way home -- safely -- from BlogHer '12 and have started the re-entry process into your daily life. I know a large number of you already have, because you're tweeting about what you did, what you liked, what you didn't like, what you learned, and what you've written since the conference. You guys are awesome and we love it all. Today we decided to give readers a broad twitter overview of what people are tweeting since the conference ended. ...more
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Greening Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is likely the last place in the home that comes under eco-scrutiny but this blogger tackles it head-on:...more
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Parenthood, Actually: This Day Is For You

Happy Mother's Day! I hope that you are reading this as you relax on a sunny porch while your children bring you lemonade and paint your toenails. Even if that's not quite the case, I hope you are able to find some relaxation, some joy and some peace on this day. ...more

Thank you for sharing such a perfect poem for Mother's Day!

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Parenthood, Actually: Honoring Mom with Poetry

I thought since April is also National Poetry Month, it would be most appropriate to showcase a poem about motherhood. Charise at I Thought I Knew Mama wrote a moving, late-night poem. ...more

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Israel and America: Caught Between Cultures

Hey Americayeet! For you. His offering, the dangerous oval in water color shades of reds and purples, fits perfectly between weathered fingers. Deftly, he slices the ends. Splits the skin and peels away the offending prickly layer. Inside the seedy fruit is soft, brilliant. As he places it in my hand, I feel the callouses on his. See the deep brown. Feel the warmth. For you, eh, because you are a sabra. ...more

I'm so happy for you, Galit! I love this post!

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Push Pause: Life Is Not a Race

My whole life, I’ve been in a rush. But now, with the benefit of a few extra years of experience, and because I’ve finally allowed myself the time to breathe, I find myself wishing I could go back and push pause. There is so much I would tell my younger self. So much I would do differently with the benefit of hindsight. So here it is, a letter to my younger self. ...more

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Toddlers and Tiaras? I Was A Baby Beauty Queen

I still remember getting all dolled up the night of the pageant (I didn't understand that the shows were taped in advance -- it took me a minute to get over the fact that we were going in at night when the show aired on Saturday mornings). My mom's side of the family was there, too; it was a big deal, you know? I remember to this day how positive I was that I was going to win. I had a grandmother who doted on me, after all, and that sort of positive reinforcement is difficult to ignore. ...more

Love your voice in this post - so funny!

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My Blog Got My Daughter Kicked Out of Preschool

On Friday, my daughter was expelled from her preschool. Why? Because I had a disagreement with the director -- and then I blogged about it. Here is the timeline of events. ...more

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Blue Valentine's Ryan Gosling: The New Voice of Feminism in Hollywood?

Continuing with BlogHer's Month of Movies, Morgan took a look at what Ryan Gosling had to say about his film Blue Valentine earning controversy for its sex scenes -- Melissa from Women and Hollywood called him the "Feminist of the Day."...more

How refreshing to hear that from a male celeb!

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