3 Ways to Beat Bedroom Boredom

3 Ways to Beat Bedroom Boredom Dec. 26, 2009 by Chrystal Bougon ...more

Can you be Fat and Sexy? Hell yes!

Can you be FAT & SEXY? Hell YES! Confidence is SEXY at any size. ...more

I read your blog, and adore you!!! My name is miss kitty, and I blog on this sight also. I'm a ...more

Your Orgasm is your Responsibility. It's your job to have one, not someone's job to give you one.

It’s not someone’s job to give you one. I feel so strongly that you need to own your own orgasm, ladies. ...more

Pleasure Parties for women and Online Romance Boutique

Where do I start? My friends call me the Dildo Lady! I worked in High Tech here in Silicon Valley for 15 years. Now I am in SEX Tech and love it. Doing what I can to bring some SEXY BACK TO SILICON VALLEY....but it ain't easy. I got laid of in Sept 2002 during the dot com bust. It was the best day of me life. No more cubicle dread. I am a high tech refugee and I love it. I love my work. It's always great women talking about sex over a glass of wine or two. What can be better then that? ...more

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Thanks for the note. I am living my dream, too!more