How Facebook Can Really Help Women Connect

Taking action to further gender justice is admirable, but some people see Facebook's internal actions as out of step with this stated mission. The top comment to greet me on the Women Connect page, ranked up through users hitting the "Like" button, reads: "I'm glad that FB is supporting this but they also need to get their own house in order - for example by taking down misogynist & pro-rape pages and dropping their stupid censorship against images of breastfeeding." ...more

Campaign Protests Catholic Priest's Dismissal for Support of Women's Ordination

Father Roy Bourgeois, a Catholic priest of 39 years, felt obligated to speak his conscience -- and it told him that women should be allowed to be priests too. His outspoken opposition to sexist discrimination could cost him dearly, however, as he now faces dismissal from his position and excommunication....more

Trust Women: Save Reproductive Health Clinics in Kansas

Harassment by both anti-choice legislation and extremist terrorism has lead to the closure of all but three reproductive health clinics in Kansas that offer abortions. Now many women have to drive hours to reach one of the few remaining places to get any abortion procedure. It's a barrier to access that anti-choicers use to undermine a woman's right to control her own body upheld by Roe v. Wade -- and for many Kansas women, it means that they cannot, in reality, exercise their reproductive rights. ...more
That is the key: TRUST women, to make the right decisions.more

Elle Lightens Bollywood Star's Skin

If you picked up a copy of January’s Elle India, you’d see what appears to be a particularly fair-skinned white woman with reddish hair on the cover. But Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a Bollywood star and former Ms. World, is Indian. That’s not her true skin or hair color: As can be seen in any other photos of her, both features are several shades darker. It seems apparent that Elle took some offensive liberties with Bachchan’s photos. ...more
Olive skin is very fair in color!white in  the usa is defined by the us census bureau as people ...more