PHOTOS OF YOU: Instagram Thinks A Thousand Words Isn't Enough

Instagram added PHOTOS OF YOU recently, which means you can now tag the people you’re brunching with in the photo of your eggs benedict. It seems Mark Zuckerberg’s assurances that Instagram would not become Facebook were something we weren’t supposed to remember? ...more

Our Deep Twisted Relationship With TV: Why I Can't Quit 'Downton Abbey'

More than a week after the Downton finale, I’m still thinking about what went wrong. I happened upon both major plot twists via spoilers, and yet, they were awful just the same. Awful because they were tragic and because they had me wondering if the writing is losing me. All the same, it seems it will be an eternity until the next season begins. Like Losties to the Island, Downton, I can’t quit you....more
@ColleenBlooms It's ironic that after all the shows trying to be "the new LOST", it was a grand ...more

Brian DePalma To Direct Joe Paterno Biopic: No Silver Linings In This Playbook

Happy Valley is the title of Brian De Palma’s upcoming biopic about Joe Paterno. With extensive evidence to prove Paterno's role in covering up Jerry Sandusky’s pedophilia, doesn't a film about his life profit on the suffering of those whose truth he denied? With so many lies for the sake of his football legacy, there are no silver linings to be found in Paterno’s playbook....more
@alexash It could though. They may feel like their experience is validated somewhat. That ...more

Tech Resolutions: Apps to Improve Our Online Lives

I spend much of my day looking at screens - from desktop to smartphone to tablet. I love what screens have to offer, but this year, I resolve to take more control of how I use my screen time. I resolve to be plugged in with more purpose. Image courtesy of Alexandra Asher Sears ...more

Instagram's New TOS: On Data, Privacy and Fine Print

On Monday, Instagram offered users a look at the upcoming changes to the Terms of Service. Users were not pleased. Instagram always had rights to images, so was it the TOS wording or a TOS carrying Facebook’s legacy of privacy concerns that made the new fine print so concerning? In less than 24 hours, Instagram issued a statement the TOS changes weren’t set in stone. It reminded me of things I’d seen before. On Facebook....more
@Virginia DeBolt I've used Flickr since 2005 but not really as a social tool. I am curious to ...more

Social Media for Social Good in 2012

I’ve seen tremendous social media good in 2012.  Like others, this year I found myself using my blog, Twitter, Facebook, even Instagram, to give back. I now write with two organizations, The Mission List and Charitable Influence, using social media to champion social causes. Perhaps, once and for all, we’re putting the notion of someone being “just a blogger” to rest. Be the change. Blog the change. ...more
This is so true.  Technology and  social media have totally changed the way we raise awareness ...more

What's In A Name? Why Rebranding Gilda's Club Matters

When I first read that the Madison, Wisconsin chapter of Gilda’s Club was changing its name because younger cancer patients didn’t know who Gilda Radner was, I did the logical thing. I went to Pinterest. If young people don’t know who Radner was, then certainly there wouldn’t be pages of pins. And I wouldn’t scroll through many more pins if I searched “delicious ambiguity,” that beautiful quote from her memoir. Guess what Gilda's Club of Madison? Pinterest totally knows who Gilda Radner is. Totally....more
I'm sure I'm repeating others, but I guarantee the same people have no clue who Komen is and ...more

Green Your Beauty Routine: Makeup Must Haves

A decade ago, the options for eco-chic beauty were small. Products seemed to fall into two categories: the crunchy-granola no fuss basics and the uber-expensive handcrafted in a monastery in the Alps exclusives. I wanted pretty things minus harsh chemicals at a reasonable price. The search began....more

Facebook Exchange, Targeted Ads, and Opting to Opt Out

I read about the Facebook Exchange (FBX) curious as to what it meant for online privacy. I'm not of the belief that targeted advertising is all good or bad, but I do think we should have the ability to pick and choose how we're tracked online and by whom. From Facebook to Google, we’re opted in to these programs before, or if, we can choose otherwise, which raises the question: is a tailored web a better one? And what can we do about it?...more
@Kristen Daukas Thanks for your perspective as a marketing professional. I think that targeting ...more

In Blog We Trust: Affiliate Disclosure and Community

I think that affiliate links are a great way for bloggers to do business across social media platforms. Yet, they’re not always disclosed as such, and that’s a problem. Our success depends on the integrity of this community. A blogosphere built on trust and authenticity. ...more
I know I'm proud to use the #ad hashtag because it means I'm getting paid to blog. It means I'm ...more