Never Say 'Never!' To Getting Involved

Sometimes, trying to convince oneself is not so convincing. Saying "Never!" to a situation may change that "Never!" into exactly what happens next. Whatever the timeline, this scenario will surely come your way. 'I will never be friends with her. I will never be a vegetarian. I will never work for someone I don't like.' Yeah, nice try.  One of my “never’s” was to not participate in overseas missionary type work. No, thanks. I will write you a check and yes, please put me on your prayer email thingy but I do enough here in my hometown - for my Church, Children, and Charities....more

Thank you so much for your comments.... its confirming to have others feel the same perspective, ... more

Co-Housing Communities: A Life Shared

Recently, I moved to a co-housing community with my beau and the "How's life at the commune?" inquires began. Sadly, the 60s commune is the only reference most people have to community living. Well, I'm here to provide an updated concept of group living that is spreading across a nation full of people struggling to disconnect from their devices and connect with one another. With a resolve to cultivate more real-life connections in my own life, co-housing is precisely the atmosphere I crave. ...more

okay so I want to sound like a cool person right now but I am actually crying. thank you so much ... more