An Open Letter To Honey Boo Boo's Mama

Dear June,Like many Americans, I've been tuning in each week to follow your family's adventures on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and discover interesting things like how to bob for pigs' feet, harvest road kill, and make a homemade slip-N-slide with an old tarp, a hose, and a bottle of baby oil....more
Yessss! Well said. I'm so tired of people criticizing that family for the way they live. I get ... more

Do We Really Need an Embarrassing Facebook Photo to Complete Our To Do List?

Listen, I get it.  I am the queen of good to do list intentions.  I have twenty open projects all happening at once, and some of them don't get completed.  At least, they don't get completed in any reasonable amount of time. (For instance, if I finally finish my daughter's scarf, I shouldn't get accolades at this point because the yarn has been mid-stitch for two years running.)  I sometimes need a hard deadline in place to make sure that things move off the to do list. But even I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around Aherk, the social media embarrassment tool which will light a fire under your bum by posting a mortifying picture to your Facebook account if the task isn't completed in time. ...more
I think it's meant to be a fun way to self-motivate. It's obviously not meant to be taken ... more