Interfaith Parenting: When Dad Doesn't Go to Church Anymore

When I was pregnant the first time, I didn't take a pregnancy test for two weeks because I was afraid to confirm that I was going to be a parent. I was too young, too recently married, too far from my family to have a baby.But we survived our first child, as well as her three subsequent siblings.We took them to church. We stood in front of our congregations and promised to raise them in the Christian faith. We did AWANA and VBS. We took the Christian parenting class.Then things changed. Jason is no longer a believer....more
Alise! This is so eloquent and thoughtful.   "It's my prayer that as they experience that love, ... more

Words That Just Make Everyone Uncomfortable

I love words; I really do. The right words in the right hands can give expression to the part of man that mirrors God. But some words are just incurably, gratuitously dumb. ...more

I AM SO GLAD you brought that word up.

And even IF "irregardless" was a word, they're still ... more

Why I Want More Kids (I Think)

I better get this out quick-like, before my Hubs pulls the plug on me. (Not literally, though, seeing as I am neither on life-support, nor an electric car, though I can see how that might get confusing.)Whenever people (read: Mom) ask if we’re going to have more kids (despite our latest model still less than a year old), I always give the same clever response, after an uncomfortable laugh and an awkward glance at/with Hubs, if he happens to be around: “Well (heh, heh), I already have a matching set (giggle, giggle, shared discomfort with Hubs because we still refuse to talk about it yet), so, you know…!”...more

Right on! Our house growing up was a three-ring circus. I can barely keep the two I have ... more