Raising Sons & Daughters Who Speak for the Trees (The Lorax Edition)

This past weekend have been so much fun with my husband done with finals and spending time with us without thinking of work or school. On Saturday, we woke up and didn't have a plan. After a sumptuous breakfast, I proclaimed that we were driving to Pittsburgh, a whopping 2.5hours away from home....more

Three Years of Parental Bliss

 @victorias_view You are right, she had a blast. I think the water works started in the evening ...more

The Call for Women to Help Women

Today marks the 101st celebration of Women's day globally. Last year, I reminded us to examine how far we have come, and how far we still have to go....more

5 Easy Ways to Manage the Morning Madness

How do we manage the chaos every morning before heading out of the door? How do we ensure that the kids have on the right outfit for the weather, lunch boxes, books and other after-school prep materials?...more

It's Going to be one heck of a busy week

My husband is in his second semester of grad school and it is killing us. Not to mention that our sex life is down to about once or twice per week plus I have to bear the brunt of parenting and household duties. What bothers me the most is, his school is about 40mins from home which makes it stressful for him to drive home after his 5pm class and then rush back to meet with his group for a project they need to finish which extends to midnight. So he ends up staying in school and sleeps in the library two or three times a week. I know, its ridiculous but his program is not forgiving at all....more

Fit Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

Why Women Need Resilience & Family Planning

Disclaimer - Please note, I have nothing against having more kids. This post is for high achieving women who feel crammed due to big families and household duties....more