Captcha, Discrimination, Not Security

Captchas, Discrimination, Not Security Captchas, those visual image verification codes on web sites that tell you to enter the letters or numbers you see. Site administrators may or may not be aware of the pitfalls of using these captchas on their sites. Captchas can be hard to read, even if you can read print. The coding may be buggy. But when it works, it's said to increase security and block out the spammers and hackers.Unfortunately, that is not always the case....more

I agree visual (and audio) CAPTCHAs are discrimination. I can work audio CAPTCHAs most of the ...more

Why Chain Letters Are So Bad

Why Chain Letters are So BadYou start your email program, go to your favourite web communities and social networks. There, you are bombarded with messages from strangers, internet newbies and friends alike. You may even get notifications that friends have tagged you on their blog or social network or have posted something to your Facebook wall etc.Some of these are normally very sensible people, and some friends are people you rarely hear from, so it's exciting to know they were thinking of you and decided to get in touch again, right?Think again!...more