When You Still Want to Blog Even Though You've Been Silenced

As some of you know, I’ve been all over the place on blogging. I’ve been a daily poster, blogging every day. At the moment, I’m considering myself accomplished if I post once or twice a week. Just enough so that my friends know I’m alive. You see, I’m finding blogging challenging. But it’s not because I’m burnt out. In my offline life, I’m in the middle of something I can’t write about. So I am chilled. Quieted. In multiple ways, silenced. ...more
I feel as if I could have written this. I am going through some ugly stuff right now and had to ... more

Do You "Fat Talk" With Your Friends?

You've heard it. I bet you've done it. "Oh my God, I look so fat in these jeans."...more
@Rita Arens , unfortunately I still do this. I need to stop not only for my own sake, but for my ... more

An Open Letter to My Wife for Mother's Day

Dear Wife, In our house, there are two parents. Both of us are mothers. Both of us are hard on ourselves. Both of us feel the unique pressures of motherhood. Both of us are plagued with the guilt. And because of it, because of seeing you, I'm learning to let it all go. Having another mother right in front of me every morning, next to me each night, makes me see that motherhood is hard....more
le sigh. beautiful letter, Casey. just gorgeous. more

Mother of Gay Son Ponders Gay Dad Project

“I’m gonna getcha,” cried my son who had just arrived home from his first fall at college. It was Christmas and our extended family was gathered to celebrate. He, this newly formed man, was on all fours scrambling after his toddler cousin. Our collective laughter spiraled the room as the new-to-walking little boy mimicked Frankenstein in his efforts to get away. My son scooped his cousin up and razzed the baby’s belly creating fits of giggles for them both. Later, my son asked, “Mom, do you think I’ll be a good father?”...more
@Lisen Stromberg , I love you. Thank you for this. Your son sounds amazing. I'm looking forward ... more

Find Your Flock: Birds of a Feather at BlogHer '12

Whether you go in seeking bloggers who write about the same things you do, or you decide to crash someone else's table because you realize it's time to make new friends or you find the courage to host your own niche table, we invite you to join us on Saturday AM for the 2012 Birds of a Feather breakfast. You'll have had all day Friday to meet and mingle, and on Saturday, you'll be able to meet up with your flock-of-choice, enjoy breakfast together, and maybe make plans for the rest of the conference day, or Sunday on the town in New York....more
What about writers? more

Klout's +K: What Is It and How Does It Work?

It is no secret to anybody that I have a huge crush on Klout. I tweet about it, I understand the basics of it, and I help promote it. I don't know why, but I was drawn to it and have so much fun with it that I want everybody else to like it too! ...more

This is such perfect timing! I've just gotten into Klout and this was really helpful. Now I just ... more

Not Angry at Him Anymore

When I sat across the courtroom table facing my ex husband and his shiny new wife, I couldn’t help but think that I felt nothing. I wasn’t angry anymore. I wasn’t scared.; I tried to remember what it was like to be married to him, and I drew a blank. ...more

Loved this, Lee. Loved "seeing" you and your confidence about all of this. You are on the road, ... more

Grandparents: Turns Out the Gift Was Really for Me

When I was 20 years old, I walked out of a train station terminal and into the parking lot. My father sat in the cab of his truck, waiting patiently to pick me up. As I walked into the sunshine flooded parking lot, I noticed a family. A woman a few years older than me handed her toddler to a man who was clearly the woman's father. "Hm," I thought, "I really need to have a kid soon before my dad dies." A few clarifying points are needed. I was not married. I did not have a boyfriend. I lived at home. My father was not sick. ...more

I loved this post when I first read it. SO HAPPY for you! Thrilled to see you here!
MWAH! ... more

Couples Who Make You Want to Puke

You know who they are: the couples that make you want to puke. I confess, I'm half of one. And we work hard to be this nauseating. I mean, really, who wants to go around holding hands all the time? The effort involved in all this damn smiling — you wouldn’t want to take it on, I promise. ...more

Thrilled to see you here, Pamela, and I loved this post the first time I read it. And because ... more

How I Knew I Chose the Right One

My belly sloshes, full of too many bright-red, sticky sweet hurricanes. Orange slices teetering on the edge of the glass and Maraschino cherries stabbed on a tiny plastic sword. Pat O’s serves them in a tall glass I get to take home with me. I save it and fill it with trinkets and Mardi Gras beads, a plastic flower from the St. Patrick’s Day parade last year. ...more

Thanks so much, Melanie! Yes, it's been awhile since I had a hurricane...but I remember them ... more