6 Easy Tips for Updating Old Blog Posts

Here's the problem, though. Out of a total of 230 blog posts on my site so far, only a dozen or so newer ones match my new aesthetic. As daunting and time consuming as it sounds, I've begun going through all 200+ blog posts to update the style. While I'm on each post, I run through a checklist to make sure they're updated for not just the aesthetics, but that they're an even better post with more relevant and high-quality content. Today I wanted to share with you all the checklist I run through on each blog post to make sure it is absolute best fit for my blog. ...more
Thank you Erin, I have been going back and updating as well, I have many not so great ... more

How to Set Up Google Analytics to Understand & Grow Your Blog

The thing that makes Google Analytics so awesome can also make it annoying: It offers you SO MUCH DATA! The trick to using Google Analytics to help you grow your blog is to not get bogged down in what you don't need. You can set up personal dashboards to quickly access the data that you do need....more
Hey Denise, Thank you so much! Finally something that really makes sense. I am back writing ... more

Summery Quinoa Salad with Blackened Chicken and Yogurt-Mango Dressing

A must-try recipe! I serve this delicious quinoa salad with blackened chicken and a Greek yogurt-mango sauce. It's perfect for summertime dining, in the house or on the deck. Healthy, clean and filling! QUINOA SALAD WITH BLACKENED CHICKEN Author: The Acci-"Dental" Chef Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 30 mins Total time: 50 mins Serves: 4 INGREDIENTS: ...more
Going to try this one, looks yummy! more

Top Ten Favorite Books From The Last 3 Years

Top Ten Tuesday Top Ten Books You Would Classify As ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS from the past 3 years...more
Thank you, great suggestions. I am always looking for great books. Cheers! Kary more

They Start As Girls: Picture Books with Strong Female Characters

(Contains affiliate links) It always happens the same way: I return a book just a month or two too late, or I lose one lousy book out of 23, and suddenly a trip to the library doesn't seem quite as fun. So we've been hanging out with our books at home lately. ...more
Great list! I am always looking for new books for our 3 year old granbaby who loves books just ... more

Recipe: Homemade Green Tortillas With Spinach and Cilantro

These tortillas have some spinach for color and a bit of cilantro. It's just the right amount of surprising flavor. You must try and see for yourself. ...more
I tried my hand at flour tortillas and they were more like roof tiles:) I am going to give this ... more

Predictions! 7 Food Trends That Will Be SO HOT in 2015

After reading all the reports predicting the food trends of 2015, I realized what the food world really needs: me. After all, I wrote two whole articles on food blogger trends that should die already. ...more
Still laughing here...great post. I would tell you about a great Absinthe bar in New Orleans; ... more

Building Vocabulary: 2015 Hump Day Book Club Reading List

Happy Friday!...more
Hi Lauren, Love your post and the book covers, I need to do this! I recently posted our book ... more

What's On Your Workout Playlist?

It's the time of year when I sit down and reassess my fitness goals. What do I want to accomplish this year? How am I going to meet my goals? What is my motivation? I don't know the answers to all of those questions right now so I'm doing something I do well—I'm procrastinating. I decided to make a new workout playlist but I'm not especially good at making playlists. I reached out to the BlogHer Editors for help. Here are some of our favorite workout songs....more
Currently dancing, working out and really loving the Soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy, ... more

Challenge Yourself to Read Diverse Books in 2015

It's time for diversity! I've been wanting to start my own reading challenge and I've finally done it! Let's ring in 2015 with a reading challenge that celebrates the multicultural reader and challenges the status quo. Presenting An Unconventional Librarian's 2015 Diversity Reading Challenge! #DiversityReadingChallenge ...more
Great challenge, our book club does try and select a variety of books, however we are always ... more