The meaning of "Mama."

I recently told you all about the touching way in which Ryan said his first words, "Hi Dada," the day after Father's Day.As you might imagine, I have made it my mission in life since then to get him to look me square in the eye and say "Hi Mama." I'd even settle for just "Mama." Or "Ma."Well, he does sort of say it. But he doesn't really say it to me. Not exactly. It's more like a call to the universe....more

Not all dads are great dads.

Mike is a great Dad. I always figured he would be, so this came as no surprise.We'll get back to that.Every day, when I pick Ryan up from daycare, I get a 45-second daily recap. It goes a little something like this: "Ryan had a good day. He only got fussy whenever he was hungry for a bottle. He ate all of his prepared food, but still doesn't care about picking up and eating bread. His last diaper change was at 4:15. His last bottle was at 3:30, so he'll be hungry soon. He had two naps today and one of them was an hour long - YAY!...more

Dinner time is different with a kid.

Once upon a time (9 months ago), dinner was a big deal in our home. In fact, our entire day danced around the topic.In the morning, Mike would plant the seed. “Whatcha feel like for dinny?” (Interpretation: What would you like for dinner tonight?) He’d throw out a few options: Stuffed chicken? Homemade mac n’ cheese? Pasta with sausage? Something on the grill? (You can see why I married him. Love that man.)We’d agree to think about it for a few hours.“Creeeammmyyyy pastaaaaaa?” is the tempting text message I might get around noon....more

People talk to you differently when you're a mom.

A kid is sort of a natural conversation starter. ...more

I know, right? So. Rude.

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The beginning of the end. A.K.A., he's almost crawling.

Before I got pregnant, when I thought about having a kid, I pictured a five-year-old.A potty-trained, able-to-communicate, cute-as-a-button, Disney-World-loving five year old.Kids will be so fun, I thought.Once I was pregnant, I pictured a newborn. A sleepy, whiny, tiny little guy.Aw,  I thought.Turns out, there's a whole stage in between. Yeah, who knew....more

On pride and sippy cups.

In my eight-plus months as a mom, I've experienced many rewarding moments. Moments that have made me clap my hands and cheer. Moments that have made me tear up, thinking I might burst with pride. But yesterday was extra-special. Yesterday, we entered a whole new territory....more

Thanks, ladies! I tend to think he's pretty darn cute and smart, too. Right now, he's trying to ...more

I have diagnosed him!

Yesterday morning, it all clicked. I know what’s wrong with my kid. I walked into Ryan’s room as Mike was changing him. The rash that he suddenly developed on Tuesday (in addition to more vomiting that sent us back at the doctor… welcome to my life) kept going away and coming back. “It’s so weird," Mike said. "I just took his shirt off and it was gone. I turned around to change his sheet (thank you, second diaper explosion of the week), turned back and the rash was back!...more

I worry that I don't worry enough.

I once read that 99 percent of the things we worry about never come to fruition. Most people would probably read that and think, "Ok, I shouldn't worry so much." You know what I think? "Ok, so if I worry about everything, almost none of it will happen! Perfect!" Yeah, I'm a real joy. Lately, I have found myself in a constant state of where's-that-other-shoe-and when's-it-gonna-come-careening-out-of-the-sky-and-smack-me-in-the-head. Can you blame me?...more

The soundtrack of my life.

Kids toys are very musical. No, that’s too nice. They sing annoyingly annoying songs. (Yeah, annoyingly annoying. One “annoying” isn’t a sufficient description for their level of annoyingness.) Occasionally, you come across a toy that plays a cute song. And you buy it, thinking, “Gee, that’s cute. My kid will love that.” And it is cute. And he does love it. But by the end of the day, the tune is stuck in your head....more

If it's not one thing, it's 27 others.

I have found that parenting has a sort of cycle to it. It goes something like this: 1. Receive semi-worrisome or negative news.2. Worry.3. Do everything in your power to correct said negative thing or minimize long-term impact of negative thing.4. Get good news that your efforts have paid off.5. Smile for three seconds; release one sigh of relief.6. Receive semi-worrisome or negative news about something totally unrelated and unexpected.7....more