People talk to you differently when you're a mom.

A kid is sort of a natural conversation starter. ...more

I know, right? So. Rude.

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She's Going to Be Okay; Will I?

The past six years of Missy’s time at grade school are a blur. (It doesn’t help that I can’t remember yesterday.) Most of the time, I spent worrying. I know that it’s pretty natural for the firstborn to cause the most anxiety. It’s the fear of the unknown. I washed all her baby clothes in Dreft before they would ever touch her skin. With Junior, I tore the tags off with my teeth and threw him in a new outfit. But with Missy, it was different....more

So beautiful! It sounds to me like you're doing a great job appreciating the special moments ... more

On pride and sippy cups.

In my eight-plus months as a mom, I've experienced many rewarding moments. Moments that have made me clap my hands and cheer. Moments that have made me tear up, thinking I might burst with pride. But yesterday was extra-special. Yesterday, we entered a whole new territory....more

Thanks, ladies! I tend to think he's pretty darn cute and smart, too. Right now, he's trying to ... more

Parenthood, Actually: Learning to Say No

I think all moms get lost at one time or another in the act and art of mothering. I know I've lost myself -- the woman -- in the daily grind, the caring for others, volunteering, being everything to everyone. That's why I felt that this post by Liz Nord was important to include in our Mother's Day series. We can be great moms and say no, take care of ourselves and be the spunky women we were pre-kids. ...more

I need to read this every morning!

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When Your Child is Invisible

It was the group with the older girls that caught my interest. I watched for a long time and couldn’t help but think that my child was deemed invisible out there. I watched a half dozen high school cheerleaders being playful and friendly with the adorable little girls and not even one interacted with my daughter. ...more

This is such an important topic. I hate the thought that any child feels isolated or alone among ... more

I am and always will be a Teen Mom

I am going to address the black sheep in the room, Teen pregnancy. Okay lets get serious for one minute, I find it frustrating that most people that voice their opinions are not teenage mothers. Well here I am world, I am 34 years old and had my first daughter at 17, my second at 18 and my third by 20. ...more

Thanks for telling your story! My mom and dad were teen parents, as well, and they are still ... more

The Words That Hurt

I have many blog topics tumbling around in my head right now. Ones that are far better than what I am about to write. Although I hate being Debbie Downer, the writer in me just needs to write (type) it down. And the mom in me just needs someone to tell me they understand and it will be OK. ...more

I can't even imagine how difficult it must have been to hear that. I won't pretend to know how ... more

I'm a master songwriter.

I am pretty sure I missed my calling. I should be writing platinum hits right now.I discovered my amazing songwriting skills almost the instant Ryan was born. Suddenly, I felt it necessary for his entire life to be narrated through song. His own personal musical. I can write and perform a brand new song at a moment's notice, and I do so at least five times a day. More on the weekends.I write songs about bath time. And dirty diapers. And burping. No topic is off limits....more

Oh, how I wish I could say that I have a decent singing voice! Ryan seems to like it, but I ... more

A little clarification...

"You know that's twice that you've mentioned on your blog that you were ironing my shirt," says Chris last evening. "People out there are going to think that I'm some kind of Neanderthal. 'Woman! Go iron my shirt!!'" We laugh. "I'm sorry. I'll make sure to clarify on the blog about the ironing." "No, no. That's OK." So, even though my Neanderthal husband says I don't have to...I'm clarifying about the ironing. I like to iron. And this is pretty much the only household/domestic chore that I enjoy. Really. ...more

Love the clarification. My husband likes to say that he only gets "featured" on my blog when he ... more

Ntozake Shange

Like a lot of people, my first encounter with Ntozake Shange was through her play For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. I read it in the 80's and immediately went looking for more of Shange's work. Unfortunately, my small library had no other books available. Several years passed before I stumbled across another of her books in a bookstore -- nappy edges was a wonderful book of Shange's poetry, and I was hooked again. ...more

... that I've never heard of her. But this line - "Life is in front of me, not behind." - has ... more