Raising a Son: I Don't "Get" Boys

Raising a son: It's very different from raising a daughter. Not in some ways, but in others -- it's a completely different experience. I'm not talking just about pointing the peepee down when changing diapers (a lesson I sincerely wish someone had mentioned before I went through a week of leaking diapers; postpartum, with no sleep, it took a ridiculously long time for me to clue in). I'm not even talking about learning all of the names of farm equipment and construction vehicles, or understanding why fire engines and trash trucks are so fascinating. I'm talking about the deeper things. I'm talking about masculinity....more
As a former tomboy, I find it's really my daughter who baffles me more than my son, with all the ... more

How Could You Let Your Kids Go for the Summer?

As mothers we are faced with tough decisions every day. From the first moment we realize we are pregnant, we are forced to make unequivocal and sometimes controversial decisions about the mothers we are going to be, the lives we are going to lead, and the choices we will make for our children....more

That sounds really hard. I hope the time passes quickly for you.

My ten year old is with his ... more