How Fast Can I Type This Post?

Says the lady living on borrowed (aka nap) time with a baby wrapped around her chest. People, life is good. It is so fucking good. So, no matter what I say here, just know, we are living a dream. A serious dream. And even if D kept us up all night, we will tell not a soul. He is perfect.  That's our story. We're sticking to it. Life is nothing without him. That being said, life is ...more

Behold, the BBB

Dmitry.  The meaning of the name is a "devoted to," "dedicated to, or "follower of Demeter" (Δημήτηρ Dēmētēr), "mother-earth", the Greek goddess of agriculture. Demeter. Goddess of the harvest. Mother of Persephone. Mother Earth. Earth mother. Mother of a lost daughter. Here is Dmitry. Is it just me, or do all babies look like Brock Lesnar for the first few days of life? In all ...more

Where HE eats. A lot. Your feedback needed.

Oh dear readers, at long last, BBB is here. He is healthy and beautiful and simply the most wonderful baby ever. And more details are coming soon. I promise. But right now I need some immediate input. It's 2:30 am. BBB's appetite is voracious. its taken him less than 72 hours to chow down the milk supply it took me six weeks to produce. We are down to the last 7-8 oz of my expressed breast milk ...more

Where We Eat. A Lot.

JFC its cold out here. Dipping into single digits with the wind chill. No lie. I did tell you neither of us packed coats, right? We've got sporty little down vests. Great for long car rides. Sucky for walking icy, windy streets. We packed thinking we would be heading straight to a hospital and hanging out there for a few days. Heavy on sweats and hoodies and slip on shoes. Light on everything ...more

Spoiler: No baby yet.

I love americana. Love it. Love. It. I love small towns, big cities, little havens, sprawl. Pretty much everything about my lovely country. The majestic bits as well as the quirky. I haven't seen every nook and cranny of it yet, but I think I've seen a lot. And I have to say the drive between where we call home and where we are now is the longest, most painfully boring, nondescript, landscape ...more

en route!

BBB is a movin'!! in a way that made our gc text with a gentle suggestion that maybe we should come a little, now. we are en route. quite a drive ahead of us. hoping the little guy waits for us. wsit for us, dude! today officially ends The Streak. 240 days strong. every step hoping us towards the next few days and all that awaits. want updates? fb and twitter are the best bets. ...more

T Minus 26 Days

That's what my secret counter says. 26 days. 12 hours. 29 minutes..... It feels like we've waited a lifetime. Now we wait just 26 more days. M and I walk around in a bit of a stupor. Stunned disbelief. Despite tripping boxes of gear and wading through clothes to be washed, its still hard to believe. We, you mean us? you mean me and him?? will soon have a son that will fill these items, and our ...more

2013 Running Dates, Maybe

chillin' w the seashore striders this December. You guys, how awesome are you? Within a matter of days after this post, my calendar is filled with amazing suggestions for summer and autumn runs. I have committed to none of these yet. Believe me, Mandy, I hear what you're saying. I know I have no idea what's store for me. And no idea if/when any of these are possible. But I wanted to put them ...more

Oh Yes I Did.

Taken from inside the car I was driving yesterday afternoon. Because I CAN. Because I AM. I've been meaning to go there for a while now. And yesterday - after I missed my doctor's appointment because I couldn't get the keys into the ignition of my mother-in-law's borrowed car because I had the wrong key. After M drove all the way home from work and deposited the right key into my hands and ...more

Map My Run - No Really!

my soon-to-be-replaced shoes Last year, even before I started this crazy Streak, a very cool woman that I met through this space invited me to come and do my first half-marathon with her, up in her neck of the woods. [Looking at you, N.] That would have been awesome. While the scheduling didn't work out  (damn you, work), the idea hasn't lost its appeal. I would LOVE to run with my blog ...more