"The Chaperone" Chapters 17-21: So Much Good to Come

I think that the final chapters of Laura Moriarty's The Chaperone might be my favorite. It's the point where we see Cora decide to be the person we've caught glimpses of throughout the earlier chapters. We get to see Cora chuck propriety to the side and grab at happiness with both hands. Alas, if only the same could be said for Louise. ...more
'I love the comment, "Somewhere during that summer with Louise, Cora dropped her corset and grew ... more

"The Chaperone" Chapters 9-16: The Window of the Future

Well, chapters 8-16 of Laura Moriarty's The Chaperone were certainly full of surprises! We've reached a point where there's no doubt the book is about Cora, and yet I find the scenes of Cora and Louise together the most illuminating. When we get glimpses of Cora in the future, it becomes clear that Louise had a tremendous impact on Cora's life....more
My opinions of each women didn't change--they were still who I assumed they would be in the ... more

"The Chaperone" Chapters 1-8: Ignorance and Confusions

Laura Moriarty slowly eases us into Cora's life in The Chaperone. When we first meet her, it's a little bit easy to assume that Cora that is a typical 1920s housewife but there are little things at the edges giving hints that everything is not quite as it seems. I think the most telling bit of text in this section of the book is from when Cora's grandniece is having a conversation with her about the Ku Klux Klan....more
I withheld judgment on Cora at first, assuming as her character developed I would find her more ... more

Protecting You From Yourselves

One of things I loved the most about Jessica Spostwood's Born Wicked is that it is an alternate history. I find alternate history novels fascinating and I loved how she tweaked around the real history of the witch trials for her book. In Spotswood's story, New England is ruled by the Brothers, a religious organization that is ruled by men who fear women having power....more
I know how to "play the game" well enough to be like Cate--presentable on the outside, playing ... more

Born That Way

In Jessica Spostwood's Born Wicked, Cate tries really hard to deny that she and her sisters are witches. Her society has told her that they are wicked and dangerous. She's tried not using her magic and that just caused it to leap out, uncontrolled, at unfortunate times. She uses it just enough to keep it in control but the magic wants out. It wants to be used and she can't completely stop it....more
I'm pretty content with who I am; I think we're always finding out more about ourselves as we ... more

Living With the Consequences

For every choice there is a consequence. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. In Jessica Spotswood's Born Wicked, Cate thought that she was doing the right thing by trying to keep her sisters out of the public eye. It turned out by not being in public she might well have exposed them all to greater suspicion. ...more
Oh do I worry about consequences!! From the most significant to the most mundane, I overanalyze ... more

Do You Know Your Inner Wild Girl?

I tend to think that more adult responsibilities we get and the more grown-up we act, the more we lose our childlike enthusiasm for things. Some people might argue that's a good thing, but I don't agree. I think there's a lot to be said for maintaining our joie de vivre. It made me sad to see Cate's inner wild girl retreat farther and farther away from the surface in Jessica Spotswood's Born Wicked. ...more
I know my inner wild child--I dropped everything and moved cross-country for love!--but as I've ... more

The Keepers of Family Histories

As we discussed in our interview with Kim Edwards, The Lake of Dreams is about a whole lot of different things. I think it mostly about family and how finding out something new about our family can change everything. ...more
I just gave my dad and his 7 siblings a bound copy of their family tree on their dad's side for ... more

The Magic of Glass

As I read Kim Edwards The Lake of Dreams I was intrigued by Keegan's character in general, but especially his profession in glass working. I've always thought that stained glass and glass sculptures were fascinating. ...more
Do you know that I live in Quechee, VT and have taken my family time and again to see the ... more

Do You Have Wanderlust?

In Kim Edwards' The Lake of Dreams both Lucy and her ancestors had wanderlust. I love the word "wanderlust." Wanderlust is something I understand and I had it once myself. ...more
Absolutely, without question. I read travel magazines for pleasure, I keep a journal of places ... more