Am I Writing A Post About Break-ups? Really?

Every so often in my blog reading, I’ll come across a post about the ending of a romantic relationship. If the post is especially good and/or thought provoking, I’ll save the link for later. I figured that at some point, since I do write about single life, a post about break-ups would fit right in. ...more
Yeah, We broke up Now. MyMANandMe broke up. Advice?: Don't cut yourself off yet, Go spend All ... more

If He’s Dumb Enough to Walk Away, Be Smart Enough to Let Him Go

I saw this photo of a quote on Facebook this morning, “If he’s dumb enough to walk away, be smart enough to let him go.” I shared it without adding any extra comments. Will Bartender Boy see it? Maybe, maybe not....more
Now, i take my Man with me Always, Everywhere I go ! more


Ok, I am 31 & he's 33 yrs old. So we are not kids. I met a guy on a online dating site about 7 months ago. We hit it off rite away. Perfect couple, i would say. I love him, he is the greatest man that has come to my life. He treats me like a queen in every way & he's always there for me through thick & thin. From the 1st day we met he had told me that he didnt want a relationship, since he has been in relationships all his life & just had ended one 6 months from meeting me. We hit it off strong! Started being intimate with each other....more
WE have opted for Monogamy, so that i did give up my other Lovers and All other Boyfriends when ... more

The Sagittarius New Moon-He's A Magic Man Momma!

Are you ready for it? What, you ask, well today, I say. Today's new moon in Sagittarius in particular will open so many new doors to transformation. This new moon is most likely the best one we will have for transformation possibilities all year! There are many reasons for that which I will get into in a few moments but first I want to explain how this next week can radically change some parts of yourself that you've been wanting to change for quite some time, and how women are changing the course of history....more
Andrew and i have been together Now! since April . Andrew always tells me how i am SO BEAUTIFUL ... more

What NOT to Wear vs What TO Wear to Work

Gone are the days of women feeling like they have to dress like a man in a man's world to be taken seriously in the workplace. Wearing the power suits popular in the 80s, or being forced to endure long days squeezed into flesh-toned pantyhose, even worn UNDER your pants is a thing of the past!Today's workplace is a much more casual environment, allowing for more creative styles. But if you're not fashion inclined, or known for your signature style, it may be a bit difficult to know what to wear to work and what to save for the weekend....more
What Can You Wear to the Office or an Interview? Here are some ideas to help You and women out ... more

Denim Overalls

I used to wear denim overalls all the time during my teens. They were over sized, very comfy, and my mom hated them! Which obviously added to the appeal....more
don't be fooled! OverAlls are TOO cute, like . but they really Are Like those One-Piece pjs, can ... more

What's in your closet?

This post was totally inspired by the conversation that my post who are you… generated on BlogHer.  Darcie, Angela, Robin, Virginia this one is for you!...more
i LOVE my closet Too!!   All the Sweaters are on top of the Dresser in a pile of ... more

BlogHer Book Club: Waiting List Open to All

BlogHer is thrilled to be collaborating with Penguin Group USA to bring you reviews of great upcoming books, author interviews, book discussions and much more! They’re all part of our BlogHer Book Club. ...more
i went to the Book Club .  Every time i go to one, doesn't it look like that movie scene from ... more

A World Without Creativity: The Hundred

When I read Ally Condie's Matched there were a lot of things about the Society that kind of blew my mind. When the old world broke down, the Society that rose from its ashes decided that there had simply been too much of everything -- too much technology, too much freedom, too much culture. One of the things that disturbed me the most was the elimination of all culture and art beyond what was approved by the Society. ...more
BOOK CLUB!   There is a NEW J.K. Rowling BOOK now for Christmas '12.  It is About Young Adults ... more

Sick and Tired

  I have a cold ....more
i have a cold too, idecided NOT to touch my T-Zone and no Kleenex4ME more