You Don't Want To Be On Helen's List

I really, really liked Helen Williams. Helen is the mother of actress Vanessa Williams, co-author of You Have No Idea and a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. As Vanessa's mother she's seen her child exposed to ridicule and just plain mean comments in the media. That's not an easy thing for any mother to deal with so how does she cope? She has her list. And you don't want to be on it. ...more
I don't have a list but I try my best to move on with my life even if something is unforgivable. ... more

Do You Trust the Right People?

Vanessa Williams didn't always trust the right people. She made this clear in You Have No Idea, the book that she and her mother, Helen Williams, wrote together. She mistrusted two photographers much to her detriment. Not many people would have bounced back successfully from being forced to step down as Miss America but Vanessa did. This is in part due to her also putting her trust in the right people. ...more
I have made the mistake before of asking anyone and everyone for advice only to discover it's ... more

Do You Listen to Your Mother?

From the very first pages of You Have No Idea, you will learn that had Vanessa Williams listened to her mother, Helen, a lot of things might have been easier. Those photos would have never existed. She might not have dated or married the men that she did. Things might have been easier. Well ... maybe. We all know that life isn't as simple as all that. ...more
My Gram was like a mother to me- and no, I never listened...we were both equally stubborn.  She ... more

Do You Ask For Help?

One of the things that quickly becomes evident while reading Vanessa Williams' memoir You Have No Idea is that she has a great support system. One of her biggest supporters is her mother and co-author, Helen. It was interesting to read about the pair of them because they get along well, yet in many ways they are opposites. Vanessa knew she could ask for help when she needed it. Helen wasn't someone who really ever asked for help. I think I fall somewhere between them. ...more
I never used to be good at asking for help, but I realize now there's no harm and it's pretty ... more

Would You End Up With More Money?

I really try not to think about money too much. If I think about it too much I end up going down the path of questioning if we have enough, if we are doing the right things with our money, if we spend too much of it, etc. I'm sure many of you know the drill. In her memoir, Lost and Found, Geneen Roth performed an exercise at a retreat that stopped me in my tracks and totally flummoxed me. ...more
I don't know why, but when I read the book this made me really uncomfortable.  I think I'd work ... more

The Money and Food Connection

Perhaps the way I saw myself most in Geneen Roth's memoir, Lost and Found, was the way I least wanted to -- the money and food connection. It's an issue I've examined before and would really prefer not to do it again. I want to hide it in a closet and not think about it much the same way Roth funneled her money into her Bernie Madoff savings account and well... we all know how that turned out. ...more
I originally started blogging about personal finance and when I read Emotional Currency- it ... more

What Do You Value?

After Geneen Roth found out that she and her husband had lost all their money, she was shell-shocked. She was also lucky. They didn't lose their home, they were still working and they stayed afloat. As she tells us in her memoir, Lost and Found: One Woman's Story of Losing Her Money and Finding Her Life, the only thing of value that they lost was their money. ...more
I value community more than anything.  Searching for it though, is proving to be problematic.  I ... more

Money is Expensive

After finishing Geneen Roth's Lost and Found: One Woman's Story of Losing Her Money and Finding Her Life, I had a whole lot of thoughts about money floating in my head. I think there's one that will stick with me for a long, long time and that's the idea that we pay for money, and it's expensive. ...more
I have found that since I've been a student and part-time worker, I haven't yet experienced the ... more

What Wouldn't You Do For A Friend?

Graciela "Ace" Jones is a powerful force. She's loud and tough. She's sassy. I'm pretty sure that Tyra Banks would say that Ace is "fierce." Ace is a lot to handle but one thing is clear in Stephanie McAfee's Diary of a Mad Fat Girl -- Ace is one heck of a friend. ...more
I can think of a few situations where I totally had to spring into action for a friend, then ... more

Do You Make Lists?

I always find it funny how I see bits of myself in characters that I would probably say that I have very little in common with. Lilly Lane, the best friend in Stephanie McAfee's Diary of a Mad Fat Girl is one of those characters. I've already talked about how we both dislike talking on the phone but Lilly and I have something else in common -- we love lists. ...more
I find that when I start my day with a list I get a lot more done and I feel better clocking out ... more