My Birth Son Probably Doesn't Know He's Adopted

I recently found out my birth son was likely never told he was adopted, and has been publicly speaking out about an ancestral heritage that, genetically, isn't entirely true. And I'm worried -- nay, freaked out -- about how he might feel, if he discovers his adoptive cultural background and biological background don't match....more
@Elaine Griffin I agree.  Looking at it through the eyes of an adoptee, I sense the article ... more

Give a Dog a Bone

It all began on a wet and muddy Spring day, when Bojangles was given a bone.  Now, this wasn't just any old bone, (as Bojangles instinctively knew) this was a fresh, raw, meaty bone that needed extra special attention.   Being the thoughtful, clever doggie that he is, Bojangles didn't settle in to clean off his bone as most normal dogs would.   No... Bojangles knew this bone had to be preserved and savoured.  It had to be aged, and soiled, and become rank with that oh-so-wonderful scent that dogs love.   So......more

I have a new policy firmly in place - No More Bones! Squeeky toys are much more house (and bare ... more