Riding the Train

I was at a networking event last night and somehow the conversation turned to people on the train/subway and their eccentricities. Having used both the metro-north and LIRR, and now a subway user I can fully appreciate just how weird people are. I don’t even think appreciate is the right word – I’ve experienced everything from hilarity to downright terror on my travel escapades in NYC, and this is just in the one year I’ve worked in Manhattan. I can’t even imagine the stories that people have when they’ve been commuting for longer!...more

Oh, we have those here on the West Coast as well. I get on BART everyday hoping that if I leave ...more

Steps to Healthier Living

I have this habit of waking up and deciding to completely change my current ways of doing things. Usually these impulse decisions revolve around diet/exercise. I’d immediately start pushing myself hard on the treadmill and tell myself I couldn’t eat more than 1000 calories a day. I guess you could call it an attempt to quit cold turkey my unhealthy lifestyle.SO not sustainable. SO not healthy. It never actually worked....more

I Got A Feelin'

And it’s not that tonight’s gonna be a good night.You ever get that feeling? That sinking, choking feeling that comes along with crazy thoughts of being stuck, when all you want to do is break free?So I’m trapped in something that used to be awesome and fun but now is just plain work. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of people caught in my same situation, and most of them don’t whine like little babies on their blog. But I do, so direct all vitriol toward my email address....more

Be the exclamation point(!)

Ok, I am the first to admit that I am not a shy, reserved person. I like talking to people, and as long as you don’t look creepy I have no problem striking up and continuing a conversation. The thing I’ve noticed recently is that sometimes I feel too enthusiastic talking to someone – almost as if I’m a walking exclamation point. A usual “Hi!” turns into “HIIII!” and my “How’s it goin” turns into “WASAAA?” accompanied by a giant dorky grin.And then I feel foolish....more

Be My Valentine

It was such a long day at work. It’s been slow and so much of my time gets eaten up by finding things to do and ways to get creative with my current projects. I had traveled to Brooklyn and back for a training earlier in the morning and was really feeling all the walking in my heeled boots. What a bad idea, especially on a warm, sunny Valentine’s Day in  Bedford-Stuyvesant. The streets were filled with people, even at 10am on a Monday morning....more

Valentine's Day Graphs

Just thinking about Valentine’s Day and everything that goes with it! Not planning on anything special this year, especially since it falls on a Monday and Monday is usually a busy day for us. With Love, Mah. Blog|Twitter|Facebook...more

The HOPE Survey

I was lucky enough to participate in the HOPE Survey this year – or The Homeless Outreach Population Estimate. Basically, it’s a survey done by the Department of Homeless Services in NYC that counts the number of homeless people living in every borough of the city. Volunteers sign up for different areas and then just walk the streets/public spaces to ask every person if they want to take a survey on their housing situation. The results are used for evaluation and programming purposes to further help NYC’s homeless population....more