Help! Someone I Love is Being Deployed!

My heart goes out to each and every somebody out there who has a loved oneserving in the Armed Forces who is being deployed overseas. Of course, my heart goes out to each and every somebody out there who has a loved one serving in the Armed Forces, period! Because if your loved one is serving, then by association, so are you!...more

Assertiveness OR You're Not Allowed to Treat Me Badly Twice!

So, one night the family decides to go grab a bite out instead of having one of the fabulous, nutritious meals I make at home for some reason or another…and my kid’s usual choice is a local restaurant. We really like this restaurant, for a bunch of reasons. My husband likes their salads. My kid likes their smiley-face fries. Okay, be honest, who doesn’t like fries? And then fries that smile at you? Please!...more

Where Are My Happy Pills?

I know there's no such thing as a "happy :) pill." But for some people, there are some medications that come close. The issue of psychotropic medication (that’s medication to help with mental health symptoms) comes up frequently in my line of business. Opinions about taking these meds run the gamut from the idea that medication is evil to absolutely necessary. And, believe me, people can have pretty strong opinions about medication!...more

writingdianet...thanks for being the first to comment on my very first post! :) I'm so glad ...more