Would This Private Social Network Help You + Your Family With Health Care?

Hi everyone,Does this sound familiar? I'm doctoring myself and my family via my smartphone, and it's not working. Take some events from the past month (the ones I'm allowed to share):* My 15-year-old's orthodontia requires cleanings and check-ups every six weeks * One of my siblings, who lives alone 3,000 miles away, had an incapacitating back injury* My mother had yet another mammogram ...more
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Join Us for Daily Blogging with December's NaBloPoMo

It's that time again; time to commit to posting every day for a full month by joining in with NaBloPoMo. The point? Well, beyond the endurance factor -- of becoming a writing athlete -- there's the benefit from daily writing. I use it as a way to warm up before getting into book writing. And then there's the community aspect: joining NaBloPoMo is like joining a gym. You're writing in a group and feeding off that for motivation rather than writing alone. ...more
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NaBloPoMo Soup: Open Thread for November NaBloPoMo Posts

You have posts and we want to read them. This is an open thread for people to post a link to their daily November NaBloPoMo posts that they publish on their personal blogs. Please use the comment section below to add your post, and peruse the comment section in order to find great things to read as well as support your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers. Bookmark this post so you can use it all month. ...more
Here is my Day 4 post which I publish first on my business website; you can also find Days 1-3 ... more


What is my favorite part about writing?...more
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Willow and Jaden Smith, Lauryn Hill: Is It Time to Stop Idolizing Black Celebs?

Recently, best-selling novelist Terry McMillan caused a mini-furor via Twitter when she pondered whether actor Jaden Smith, 12, and singer Willow Smith, 10, were being "pimped out" by their actor parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Willow created a buzz last year with her “Whip my Hair” single, and Jayden appeared in The Karate Kid. Lots of actors' offspring have careers as of their own, so why did this particular family come under scrutiny?...more

What is wrong with involving the kids in "the family business"? Happens all the time in all ... more


As a native Detroiter who has lived through all of the changes in the City over the past several decades, a new initiative by Mayor Dave Bing to assist in bringing people back piqued my interest. The mayor recently unveiled a unique home ownership program to Detroit police officers in order to reverse two recent trends over the last few decades: 1) police officers who do not live in the city they patrol, and 2) a vast number of abandoned and foreclosed properties that devalue neighborhoods. ...more


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The program is starting with police ... more